School Council

The School Council

The school council meet every other week with Miss Moll to discuss school current affairs. The year 6 school council chair and minute the meetings. The school council is made up of four year 6 pupils who lead the meetings and two representatives from each class.

On the 2017-18 Summer term council we have –

Charlie, Katerina, Max and Katie (Year 6), Harry and Ruby-Lucy (Year 5), Ruby and Oliver (Year 4), Roman and Priya (Year 3), Elliot and Summer (Year 2) and Ishita and Theo (Year 1)

What have school council been doing:

Chapel Road School meetings

On Wednesday 27th September children attended another event at the new Chapel Green School site. They were able to go inside of the new building to see how the builders are beginning to get each room ready for the children.