Monday 20th July End of Year Update:

Dear parents and carers,

The time has come to say a huge thank you for all of your amazing efforts during your child’s Reception Year. On the behalf of all of our team, I would like to say that it has been a real privilege to have taught your child, and also a great sadness that they have not had a full year in school. However, in all of the time that we have managed to work together, whether it be through home learning or our ‘bubble school’ in it’s various forms, it has been a great pleasure to see your child grow and progress.

During the final two days of term, I would like to direct your attention to the Year 1 Corona-virus web-page. You will be able to view some transition resources on this web-page that will give your child the opportunity to become more familiar with their move to Hedgehog Class. It will also give them a chance to get to know their fantastic new teaching team!

I hope that your child has a wonderful summer and a smooth transition into Year 1 onto the next stage of their journey through Old Buckenham Primary and Nursery School. Please remember that everyone in our Early Years Team will be wishing your child well and ‘rooting for them’ when in their new year group. We will look forward to seeing you and your child around school in September as you prepare for this new adventure.

Thank you once again for everything that you have done to help your child to flourish both at home and at school in this very challenging year.

Have a lovely summer,

Dan Briscoe

Corona-virus Outbreak Information:

Here you will be able to find all information relevant to Ladybirds class during the Corona-virus outbreak:

Dear parents and carers,

First of all, I would like to send my best wishes to our wonderful children and all of their families at this challenging time. I know that some of you are feeling overwhelmed at the moment with continuing to work at home and/or supporting your child’s learning adding to the pressures upon you.  If you can only manage one thing to help your child currently, I would like it to be reading for pleasure.  With that in mind, I am including this reading challenge which is in two parts.  The first is a 30-day challenge to read for 15 minutes a day with you and your child negotiating rewards for doing so.  The second is a ‘reading bingo’ competition run by the Toppsta website which has prizes of £25 Smyths Toys gift cards, which can be spent online.  Full details are included in the document which can be accessed here: Toppsta Reading for Pleasure activities

For further information about the Early Years Curriculum, Weekly Planning and Learning Documents and other useful resources, please look at the information below:

Early Years Curriculum

On this web page, you will find a range of resources which will support your child with their learning at home. This will include a curriculum provision map for the week, which will give you a range of challenges that your child can attempt that link to the 7 areas of learning within the Early Years. This is a slimmed-down version of what your child experiences in school. These challenges are designed to be open-ended and offer the opportunity for the unique child to shine through. Every child has their own individual interests and passions, and I encourage you to support your child to embed these within their responses to the learning challenges. You will also see a link to the ‘Daily Challenges’ which your child should work through each day. These documents can be found below, and will be updated for you each Monday of term time until further notice. As this situation is new to us all, please may I ask for your patience as we get used to this new way of working!

Animal Words

In addition to this, I have created a document which gives guidance towards how we assess your child’s progress within their Animal Words. This includes plenty of fun ideas of different ‘low budget’ games that you can play at home to keep learning fresh and interesting for your child. There is minimal preparation on your behalf, which I hope will make these challenges easily accessible for your child. I have included the animals from Sets 1-10 too, so that you can move them onto their next set when they are ready to do so. Please see my guidance for this, as it is about quality and not quantity when supporting your child to read using these animal words. Further challenge for those who are ready can be found through this document: Animal Words Collection. Please do not move onto these animal words until your child is confident and able to read and write sets 1-10. Thank you!

Writing within the early years can take many forms. I try to expose my class to writing formally on lines and informally through posters and free-hand on paper. In addition to this, writing can take place everywhere and in many different forms, from a steamy window in the bathroom to using chalk on a patio slab outside. As I would do when compiling your child’s learning journal, please take some photographs of those significant moments which you can then share with me! (Email Address included below). To help your child when they are engaging with a writing task, there are also some useful sound mats here which they can use. The Phase 2 Sound Mat contains all of the individual letter sounds (1 letter making 1 sound). The Phase 3 Sound Mat contains some of the digraphs (2 letters making 1 sound) and trigraphs (3 letters making 1 sound) within the English Language.

Phase 2 Sound Mat

Phase 3 Sound Mat

Phase 4 Cluster / Blends Mat

You can also see an example of pre-cursive handwriting here.

Your child is also already familiar with the different letter families within the alphabet. This refers to letters that follow a similar style of letter formation, thus being grouped together within a ‘family’.  You can access these below to support your child with their pre-cursive handwriting. Helpfully, you will see a small red dot and arrow for each letter. This shows where to start. You will notice that every letter also starts in the same place, which again is useful as (excluding capital letters) your child can learn to start every letter from the same place.  In Reception, there is no expectation to join up letters, but to best prepare them for their transition into Year 1 and beyond, we do model this letter formation during all writing opportunities.

Zig-Zag Monster Letter Family

Curly Caterpillar Letter Family

One-Armed Robot Letter Family 

Ladder Letter Family

There are some videos online which can also help to show how these letters can be formed:

Jedi Writing (Note: The letter ‘f’ is not formed the way that our school would form it, however every other letter is accurate)

Pre-Cursive Writing (Another example; Note: Again, ignore the ‘f’!)

Week Beginning: Monday 23rd March

Weekly Curriculum Map

Daily Challenges

Video: ‘Have You Filled A Bucket Today?’

Info: Have You Filled A Bucket Today 

Week Beginning: Monday 30th March

Weekly Curriculum Map

Daily Challenges

Phonics Challenge Ideas

The Three Little Pigs Model Text

Info: Dreamcatchers

Easter Holidays:

There are some further activity ideas here if you are stuck for things to do with your child, or wish to keep up the ‘school learning routine’ at home.

Family Activities Involving Literacy

Family Activities Involving Mathematics

Week Beginning: Tuesday 21st April

Summer 1 Curriculum Map

Weekly Curriculum Map

Daily Challenges*

*Please send me one piece of ‘work’ that your child has completed in response to both the Daily Literacy and Daily Maths challenges each week through the class email (info below). Please send me their Maths challenge by Thursday and their Literacy challenge by Friday, so that I can respond to you. Thank you.

You can access Phonics Play through:

Week Beginning: Monday 27th April

Weekly Curriculum Map

Daily Challenges*

Model Text: Jack and the Beanstalk

Whole Part Part Examples

Jungle Maths: Halves up to 10 (Activity to Play- Press to send you to website)

Halving Fruits (Activity to Play)

*Please continue to send one response from the Literacy challenge and one response from the Maths challenge this week. Thank you so much for your responses last week. It was an absolute pleasure reading through your emails and seeing just how amazing your children are! It was also great to see what a wonderful job you are doing as parents and carers to support your child within their learning at this unprecedented time. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Week Beginning: Monday 4th May

Weekly Curriculum Map

Daily Challenges*

Friendship Sorting Challenge

*Please see Monday’s Challenge and email the response to this challenge to me by Friday. Thank you in advance.

Week Beginning: Monday 11th May

Weekly Curriculum Map

Activity Ideas Linked to Weekly Curriculum Map

Daily Challenges*

*Please email the responses to me by Friday. Thank you!

Week Beginning: Monday 18th May

Weekly Curriculum Map

Daily Challenges*+

*Please email the responses to me by Friday. Thank you! Have a wonderful ‘half term break’ away from home schooling.

+In addition to this week’s daily challenge ideas for Literacy, you may also want to check out the ‘Storytime Online’ resource on YouTube, as detailed below in my ‘Reading for Pleasure’ section. There are some stories here that are being read by their authors, and even some fun ‘draw-along’ activities that accompany these too. ‘Look Up!’ is a great example for instance!

There is also a #DrawWithRob World Record Attempt challenge that you can join in with this week (Thurs 21st at 4pm) if you are interested! A link to this can be found on the school twitter feed on our website.

Week Beginning: Monday 1st June

Welcome back everyone. I hope that you all are well and have managed to have a nice rest away from home learning during the past week. For those of you who I will be teaching again in person on Tuesday, I am very excited to have the opportunity to see you again and look forward to hearing about your home experiences! To begin to support your child to adjust to the transition of coming back to school, you may wish to share these two things with them on Monday:

Social Story – Going back to school               Social Story – School is a bit different

For those of you who will remain at home, I am equally excited to continue to keep in touch with you and hear about how you are getting on, and I will continue to support your child’s well-being and development in every way that I can. I will continue to attempt to reply to you as quickly as I can too, however I would appreciate your patience as I adjust to another new way of working- Thank you. I have included the new planning for this week below, along with the overview of this half term. I hope you have ‘super fun’ engaging with it. Take care everyone, Mr B.

Summer 2 Curriculum Map

Weekly Curriculum Map

Daily Challenges* Please continue to send to me by the end of the week if you are home schooling.

PSED Jigsaw Challenge Resource- Changing Me- My Body

Week Beginning: Monday 8th June

Weekly Curriculum Map

Daily Challenges* Please continue to send to me as above.

Phonics Games:

Balloon Cluster Pop Game

Yes-No Comprehension Game

Week Beginning: Monday 15th June

Weekly Curriculum Map

Daily Challenges* Thank you very much for your patience as I work my way through your responses. Please continue to send through by Friday and I will respond as fast as I can. Thank you.

Monstersaurus Model Text

Celebration Card Ideas

Superhero Songs:              Being Helpful Song                   If You’re Super and You Know It Song              5 Superheroes Song

Week Beginning: Monday 22nd June

Nurse Katie has responded to your questions. Click here to see your response!

Weekly Curriculum Map

Daily Challenges

Real Life Superheroes- The Army

Social Story: You In Your Safe Bubble And I In Mine       Social Story: Going Back To School        Social Story: School Is A Bit Different

Week Beginning: Monday 29th June

Weekly Curriculum Map

Daily Challenges* Please continue to send your responses by the end of the week!

999 Emergency Song

Week Beginning: Monday 6th June

Weekly Curriculum Map

Daily Challenges* Please continue to send your responses by the end of the week!

All About Me Booklet  Please note: I forgot to mention that there are two additional ‘All About Me’ sheets included within this pack. They show a profile outline of a person. You may wish to use these as an alternative way to share your child’s interests with their future teacher. They can do this by covering the profile outline with different doodles / artwork that represents them. For instance, if they love playing outside and/or growing plants, then they might like to draw some flowers on their profile outline.

Week Beginning: Monday 13th June

Weekly Curriculum Map

Daily Challenges

Quiz Challenges:      ‘Which Book Am I?’ Quiz    Reception End of Year Quiz     ‘Name That Story!’ Quiz     Jungle Animals: ‘What Am I?’ Quiz

Week Beginning: Monday 20th June

Please see my message at the top of the web-page. Have a great summer!

Reading for Pleasure:

You might like to share stories with your child simply for the love of reading! I have posted some below which you might like to share with your child:

Video: What’s Next Door?

Video: Ralfy Rabbit: Book Burglar

Video: The Dragon and the Knibblesome Knight 

Video: George and the Dragon

Video: There’s An Alien In Your Book!

Video: Rhinos Don’t Eat Pancakes

Video: Oi Cat!

Video: There’s A Dragon In Your Book!

Video: Stanley: The Amazing Knitting Cat

Video: Owl Babies

Video: Supertato

Video: Detective Dan

In addition to this, there is a website that you can access which has some links to other great stories that you might wish to share with your child, such as ‘Supertato’, and ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. Check out: Storytime Online  for more information, and download the QR codes for stories for Early Years here: Storytime Online QR Codes.

Summer Reading Challenge:

The Annual Summer Reading Challenge is back. If you would like to find out about this, then information can be found through the links below:

If you are not already a member of the library, then you can sign up here for online services:  If you are already a member, then you can sign up for the challenge here: If you would like to take part in a virtual ‘launch party’, The Reading Agency is holding one on Facebook and the link for all of the information is here:—schedule-announced.html

Useful Apps to Support Home Learning:

App based games and challenges can be a useful tool for your child to access at home in addition to the home learning challenges set. They can be accessed through an App Store. A few examples are shown below:

‘Read with Phonics Games’ (Free App for a tablet)
‘Teach Your Monster to Read’ (£3 App)
‘Storytime from CBeebies’ (Free App for a tablet)
‘Go Explore from CBeebies’ (Free App for a tablet)
‘Meet the Numberblocks’ (Free App for a tablet)
‘Meet the Alphablocks’ (Free App for a tablet)
‘Phonics Hero’ (Free App for a tablet)

Daily Fitness for your Child:

You may have seen that Joe Wicks is running a daily fitness programme for children from 9am each morning. This has been hugely popular across the country and is a great way to keep fit and healthy. You might want to check this out for yourself on his channel ‘The Body Coach’.

As I create more resources that will be useful for you, I will add them to this page. Please take time to look at it each week as more information is added.

Keep in Touch:

I would also like to point you in the direction of our class email address. This will be checked during the hours of 10am – 2pm. You can use this email address if you wish to contact me directly and ask me a question, or send me some examples of the fantastic home learning your child has engaged with. When sending these examples, please make me aware if they are just for my own records or whether you would be happy for me to share some on twitter so that other children within our school community can applaud your child’s great effort!

This email address is:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care,

Dan Briscoe

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