Corona-virus Outbreak Information:

Here you will be able to find all information relevant to Ladybirds class during the Corona-virus outbreak:

11th February:

11.02.21 Daily Challenges Planning

Jigsaw Picture Frame Resource

Zodiac Animal Characteristics – Chinese New Year

How to make a paper lantern


10th February:

10.02.21 Daily Challenges Planning

Phonics Weds Adapted Activity 10.02.21

10.02.21 My Teams Email Update: (Please Read)

Hello again everyone. I am sorry that school has remained closed today for our key worker children. I appreciate that whilst the snow may be an exciting time for all of our young learners, it may also be a stressful time for yourselves. I will continue to make contact with our children through the pre-arranged video calls today. If anyone needs further support, please contact me via your child’s locked Teams channel or via the Reception Homework email account and I will do my very best to support you the best I can. On Friday, we will also continue to have our class video call for our remote learners to engage with. I would be very hopeful that school is open on this day, but if it is not then our key worker children at home are more than welcome to join this call. Please contact me if you need any support with this on Thursday / Friday. As it is ‘Valentines Day’ on Sunday, I thought it would be lovely if your child brings something / thinks about something to do with ‘love’ that they would like to do to celebrate this occasion on Friday. E.g. They could bring along a teddy or a cuddly toy that they love to their video call. They could talk about someone they love from their family. Learners in school are welcome to send a picture to me via Teams that they would like me to share in class or can simply talk on the day about people / cuddly toys that they love! I do not wish to create any additional work for you to prepare for this so keep things simple! 🙂 Hopefully I thought your child might enjoy this 🌞 Take care everyone!

9th February:

09.02.21 Daily Challenges Planning

Snowy Mathematical Learning Challenges!

8th February Update: If you are able to do so, please use Teams to access your child’s home learning challenges today. If you are unable to do so, then please see below:

Early Years Remote Learning Overview Spring 1 Week 6

08.02.21 Daily Challenges Planning

Signs of Winter – Snow Hunt!

08.02.21 My Teams Email Update: (Please Read)

Hi everyone,

As you may already be aware, school is closed today due to the weather. There are some things to therefore note because of this closure:

1) Remote learning will be able to continue as normal. Pre-arranged video calls will continue to take place. Learning will now also be posted onto the school website once again, in case the families that normally send their children into school struggle to access Teams for any reason. I had already posted planning for today’s learning in the usual place. There will now be a slight change to this! The session entitled ‘Jigsaw’ will now be replaced with an ‘Explore the snow’ session instead. Therefore, please see my planning for this below and know that you do not need to complete the Jigsaw activity today. This will be added to a later day this week.

2) Snow Activity: Firstly, there is a ‘Signs of Winter – Snow Hunt!’ activity that your child can engage with whilst exploring the snow. How many different signs can your child observe from this sheet within their own environment? Secondly, I would challenge them to engage with the following questions to explore:

How do you look after your body when it snows? Why do you need to look after your body? Why is clothing an important thing to consider today?

I wonder what would happen if… warm water was added to the snow? cold water was added to the snow? Make a prediction and then test out your idea!

How could you try to preserve a snowball? E.g. ensure that it does not melt very easily? Are there ways to do this? Do you notice areas of snow outside which are already melting or ‘disappearing’? Perhaps other areas look untouched? Why is this?

How high can you model the snow? Could you make a snowy character out of the snow that is taller than your knee? Can you count how many buttons / arms / etc your character has? What would one more / one less be?

Have fun exploring these questions today and enjoy the snow whilst it lasts!

Mr Briscoe 😊

15th January Update: Please note that all planning and resources will now be made available to you via Teams rather than on this webpage. Please contact should you have any problems. Thank you.

January 2021 Update:

As you will no doubt be aware, our Reception class will be engaging with remote learning from home at the start of this term. It is with great sadness that I cannot currently teach your child in school and we will do our very best to provide accessible learning challenges which they can engage with at home and explore new ways to contact you and your child to check on their well-being and development whilst they are learning remotely.

You will have received some communication from our school already about how our remote learning will currently look this week. Please can I ask that you read this letter specifically for Reception parents here (Remote Learning Letter to Reception Parents 2021), as our arrangements are slightly different.

In Reception, we hope to shortly be able to offer some 1:1 video call sessions with myself, you and your child. These will endeavor to support you and your child with their learning and build upon the individualised approach we strive to provide your child with in the Early Years. I recognise your individual circumstances will be different and that you will need time to adjust to these new changes, so I will try to support as much as possible. More information about how you will be supported via these video call sessions in this way will be available soon. In the meantime, you can contact me via the class email account and I will also make telephone calls to you all during the course of this week.

The remote learning will involve the setting of daily learning challenges. These can be found below. Where appropriate / possible, videos and other resources will accompany the activities in order to support your child with their learning. More information is contained within the letter above.

Week Beginning: Tuesday 5th January 


Spring 1 Curriculum Map – This is what I would normally send out to you to give you an overview for some of the skills and themes that we will be learning about this half term. You may wish to look at this now or at a later date for your reference.

05.01.21 Daily Challenges Planning

Start of the day Message: Captain Extraordinary Video Resource

Phonics PowerPoint Resource for the Week

Please note: Apologies- the link you actually need for the Jolly Phonics songs is: Jolly Phonic Songs – YouTube (This is different to the link I placed on the slides of the PowerPoint)

End of the day Storytime: Supertato – Veggies Assemble


06.01.21 Daily Challenges Planning

Start of the day Message: Curiosity Stop Discovery

End of the day Storytime: Supertato – Run, Veggies, Run!


07.01.21 Daily Challenges Planning

Start of the day Message: A Super Strength Mission

End of the day Storytime: Superkids!


Please note: The timetable is slightly different for Friday, as I have my planning and preparation time during a Friday afternoon whilst Ladybirds have their Forest School session. A remote activity has been planned for your child/children and will be uploaded during the course of Friday morning ready for the afternoon session.

08.01.21 Daily Challenges Planning

Start of the Day Storytime: Superworm! *As I would not normally be in class during the afternoon, I have created a story for your child to listen to for their morning activity. If they so wish, your child could engage with some further choosing-time based challenges having heard this story, such as: looking for worms or other minibeasts outside or create their own Superworm using wool, string or by drawing one!

Forest School Resources: (To be uploaded Friday morning)

A Welcome Letter to Ladybirds      E-book link: Don’t Hog the Hedge! eBook – Autumn Stories for Early Years (

or alternatively you can access the story via a Powerpoint: Don’t Hog the Hedge Story Powerpoint

Don’t Hog the Hedge Challenge Cards       Don’t Hog the Hedge Craft Activity     Don’t Hog the Hedge Colouring by Numbers

Have a wonderful weekend.

Week Beginning: 11th January


11.01.21 Daily Challenges Planning

Numberline Resource

Introduction to the Day: Timetable Challenge

Talk for Writing Session: The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man Model Text

End of the day Storytime: The Gingerbread Man


12.01.21 Daily Challenges Planning

Introduction to the Day: ‘Morning Meeting’

Wider Curriculum Challenge: An Extraordinary Potion!

Talk for Writing Session: The Gingerbread Man (Session 2)

End of the Day Storytime: Supertato – Evil Pea Rules!


*Please note that your child’s learning provision is now also being uploaded onto Teams for you to access at home. I will soon move away from using the website and upload only to Teams, so please can I ask that you give yourself time to familiarise yourself with this new way of working. In order to access your child’s home learning from Teams, you need to: Log into teams and go onto the ‘OBPS Ladybirds Class’ Teams page. Then, click on ‘General’. After that, click onto ‘Files’ whereby you will see a folder entitled ‘Class Materials’. Inside this folder, you will see a folder called ‘1 Spring Term Remote Learning Planning’. Each week, there will be a folder entitled ‘WB’ (Week Beginning) followed by the date. Here you will then be able to access your child’s remote learning planning. As many elements of your child’s provision are currently through the form of pre-recorded video links that I am creating for you, you will be able to see these links within the ‘Daily Planning’ so that you can access them.

I have also created a private folder in Teams which can be viewed only by yourself and your child’s teaching team. You will notice under ‘General’ that it will have your child’s name and a ‘lock’ symbol. Inside this folder, there is a tab called ‘Posts’. You can write a message in this section. I will also use this on occasions to communicate with you. E.g. To confirm the time which I will videocall you during your allocated day for a 1:1 call. Within your child’s folder, there is also a tab called ‘Files’. Within this space, you will see folders in which to submit your child’s responses to their learning challenges. Your child’s learning can now be stored so that I can view it and provide feedback for you during the week. Please can you begin to upload your child’s responses to my learning challenges into this folder at the end of each day.


13.01.21 Daily Challenges Planning

Introduction to the Day: Morning Meeting

Wider Curriculum Challenge: Curiosity Stop Discovery

Talk for Writing Session: The Gingerbread Man (Session 3)

End of the Day Story: Keith, The Cat with the Magic Hat!


Following on from yesterday’s message, by the end of this week I will stop uploading planning onto the website and instead use only Teams. Please can I also ask that when you submit your child’s work into their own folder on Teams that you Post a comment to say ‘(The Date) Uploaded’ (e.g. 12.01 Uploaded) as this will send an alert to my account to let me know that there are responses in your child’s ‘Files’ folder to view. I will spend some time looking at your child’s responses to the challenges to inform our Teams discussions during the course of the week. Thank you!


14.01.21 Daily Challenges Planning

Introduction to the Day: Morning Meeting

Wider Curriculum Challenge: ‘Gloopy Swamp’ Choosing Time Challenge

Talk for Writing Session: The Gingerbread Man (Session 4)

End of the Day Story: Supertato – Veggies in the Valley of Doom!


15.01.21 Daily Challenges Planning

Introduction to the Day: Morning Meeting

Wider Curriculum Challenge: Gingerbread Man Water Investigation (Part One) and (Part Two)

Talk for Writing Session: The Gingerbread Man (Session 5)

Wider Curriculum Challenge 2: Forest School (These are on Teams under Class Materials – Spring 1 Planning – Spring 1 Week 2 WB 11.01.21 – Friday Forest School)

Please note: From Monday 18th Jan I will no longer be uploading planning to the website- Please instead see all planning uploaded through ‘Teams’. Thank you. If you have any issues with this, please email: or contact me via the office.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and patience in these challenging times.

Dan Briscoe


Further information can be found below:

November 2020 Update:

Dear parents and carers,

In the event of a whole class closure, or the absence of your child from school due to COVID 19, this web page is designed to support your child to access their learning from home. Please rest assured that in the event of such a situation we will do our very best to support you and your child. In the event of your child having to self-isolate at home, please contact the school office to inform us. I will then place some planning on this webpage which you will be able to access to support your child’s learning.

Early Years Curriculum

On this web page, you will find a range of resources which will support your child with their learning at home. Each day’s work will include three ‘Daily Challenges’ which your child should work through on the date of their absence from school- if they are well enough to engage with their learning. The ‘Daily Challenges’ reflect the different areas of learning from our curriculum, and will often focus on the specific areas (Literacy, Maths, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design), but be underpinned by the prime areas of learning (Communication and Language, Physical Development & Personal, Social and Emotional Development).

Week Beginning: 9th November 2020

10.11.20 Daily Challenges Planning

Funnybones Model Text

11.11.20-Daily Challenges Planning

Remembrance Day PowerPoint

12.11.20 Daily Challenges Planning

13.11.20 Daily Challenges Planning

Week Beginning: 16th November 2020

16.11.20 Daily Challenges Planning

Diwali Celebration

Diwali Tea Lights Instructions

17.11.20 Daily Challenges Planning

18.11.20 Daily Challenges Planning

19.11.20 Daily Challenges Planning

The Nativity Christmas Story

20.11.20 Daily Challenges Planning

Useful Curriculum Support Aids:


You may notice that we will direct you to some online teaching sessions via Oak Academy. You can access the home page for Reception at Oak Academy here.


To help your child when they are engaging with a writing task, there are also some useful sound mats here which they can use. The Phase 2 Sound Mat contains all of the individual letter sounds (1 letter making 1 sound). The Phase 3 Sound Mat contains some of the digraphs (2 letters making 1 sound) and trigraphs (3 letters making 1 sound) within the English Language.

Phase 2 Sound Mat

Phase 3 Sound Mat

Phase 4 Cluster / Blends Mat

You can also see an example of pre-cursive handwriting here.

Your child is also becoming increasingly familiar with the different letter families within the alphabet. This refers to letters that follow a similar style of letter formation, thus being grouped together within a ‘family’.  You can access these below to support your child with their pre-cursive handwriting. Helpfully, you will see a small red dot and arrow for each letter. This shows where to start. You will notice that every letter also starts in the same place, which again is useful as (excluding capital letters) your child can learn to start every letter from the same place.  In Reception, there is no expectation to join up letters, but to best prepare them for their transition into Year 1 and beyond, we do model this letter formation during all writing opportunities.

Zig-Zag Monster Letter Family

Curly Caterpillar Letter Family

One-Armed Robot Letter Family 

Ladder Letter Family

There are some videos online which can also help to show how these letters can be formed:

Jedi Writing (Note: The letter ‘f’ is not formed the way that our school would form it, however every other letter is accurate)

Pre-Cursive Writing (Another example; Note: Again, ignore the ‘f’!)

Animal Words:

As you are aware, your child is currently learning their Animal Words at school and at home to support them with their reading development. Supporting your child to learn their Animal Words at home has many benefits; one of which is that it develops your child’s ‘reading fluency’ to become a more confident and able reader. It also means that they will then be able to apply their recollection of these words when they come across different texts and environmental print with increasing independence.  The goal here is to therefore read these high frequency words instantly rather than blending each word individually (It is brilliant if your child is using their blending skills to work out the words when they first start learning them and we praise this, however before moving onto their next set, we check that your child knows their current animal word set instantly and is secure on this level). Further guidance can be found in your child’s Animal Word book. We would appreciate if you can follow this guidance at home too so that we can ensure consistency within our approach and do not move your child on too early and create any gaps within their learning.

I have attached Set 1-10 from the Animal Words Collection here so that you can continue to challenge your child on their next set of animal words should they need to move on whilst isolating at home.

Thank You:

As and when it is appropriate to do so, more resources will be added to this webpage. In the meantime, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this page and your continued support at home.

Take care and stay safe,

Dan Briscoe

Early Years Leader and Reception Class Teacher

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