Year 1

Welcome Hedgehogs, parents and carers  to our home learning class page!

Here you will be able to find all information relevant to Hedgehog class during the Coronavirus outbreak.

As a school, we have agreed to set one English and Maths session for each day, and there is a topic web with plans and activities for the other subjects we would be covering if normal school were in session.

We are sure you will all understand that this is an unusual way of working for all of us and may take a little time to get used to. We hope that the plans will be clear, easy to access and understand and doable at home, but if there are issues with these let me know and we will try to address them.

There is an email account devoted to the class and us for this time. This will be checked during the week between 10 and 2 and we are happy for photos of learning, achievements and letters to be shared in this way over email.  If sharing home learning, please specifically let us know if you do not want it shared on social media via the School Twitter account.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help or make things clearer.  We are thinking of you all and missing you at this challenging time.  We look forward to the day we can all be together again in school.  Keep smiling!

Janine Stones and Tess Draper

Scholastic Reading Pro

Old Buckenham Primary School has signed up for the Scholastic Reading Zone. This should allow children to continue accessing a range of reading books at home, including ones which are targeted to their reading level. We have not used this site before so please bear with us if we make any mistakes!

This is the link to log in to the website, it might be a good idea to bookmark it on whichever device you are using:

Reading Pro    42CR is the code which identifies our organisation, or school.

We have assigned the class user names and passwords – we would suggest that together you and your child change their password and then make a record of what you have changed it to. It is never too early to start thinking about e-safety and data-protection, so use this time to help them think of a password that they will easily remember/type and remind them that they should not share it.  Please email us at the year 1 homework email address: and we will send you your child’s log in details and password.

Below are some great maths websites with lots of good ideas to do at home.  Take a look!

nrich maths link


ICT games

BBC Bitesize Maths

Books for Topics is a great website where you can find links to lots of well known stories.  In the website you can click on the book to go to a video of the story.   Books for Topics

Week Commencing 18th May 2020

English Plan 18th May 2020

Marking Ladder for Explanation Text

Lower case and capital letters

Tips for handwriting

Pencil control lower case letters handwriting practise

Maths Plan 18th May 2020

Science and Topic Plan

Deciduous or Evergreen lesson plan

Deciduous and Evergreen Trees Powerpoint

Tree Identification Sheet

Continents Powerpoint

Name the 7 Continents

7 Continents matching card game

We hope you have all enjoyed a sunny bank holiday week end.

We are going to start the next phase of Talk for Writing today, if you are a day behind due to Fridays bank holiday, then start this new plan on Tuesday.

Here begins three weeks of non-fiction writing. An explanation text (sometimes called information texts) is a non-fiction text that explains how something works or why something happens.

For the independent hot write at the end of the three weeks your child could write about anything that interests them, explaining how it works or why something happens. We have used examples of British Wildlife to link to our topic.

English Plan 11th May 2020

English Model Text            New vocabulary

Short Burst writing about British Wildlife pictures to inspire writing

Marking Ladder for Explanation Text

Maths Plan 11th May 2020

Topic Plan

Spellings List 5 (Summer 1)

Week Commencing 4th May 2020

Please find below some work for you to look at with your child at home this week.  There is quite a lot, so please do what is right for your child.  Please don’t feel pressured to complete everything.  If you can, please send in one piece of English and Maths. Thank you.

Help to understand the Talk for Write sequence.

Last week your children and you worked through the first stages of the Talk for Writing sequence of learning. You learned the actions to the model text and wrote some short burst writing. Then you wrote most of the Innovate stages. 

This week you can complete the Innovate story by writing the last section, the ending. Take some time to appreciate the completed story. Parents read it to your child. Children read it to an audience.

Next stage is where you plan the Independent story using the Boxing Up planning sheet attached. The final stage is writing the Independent story, (using the planning you will have done) which is also called the Hot Write (the child’s very own story). So, by Friday you will have completed a whole sequence of Talk for Writing ☺. 

You could plan the Independent story and then do a Hot Tell instead of a Hot Write. Or a combination of writing and telling. A Hot Tell is where the children tell their story aloud, instead of writing it. This is a very valuable literacy skill in itself. 

English Plans

Hot Write paper

Boxing Up planning sheet for finding story

Spellings List 5 (Summer 1)

Maths Plans

If you would prefer to look at the power maths slides on a website I have put a link below.  This will go to the power maths website and if you click on year 1 resources, then scroll down and tick accept terms and conditions you will be able to get to the text books we use.    Power Maths Link


Topic web (British Wildlife)

Week Commencing 27th April 2020

Report prompts Please complete these with your child and send in so that we can add these to your child’s report which will be sent out next month.

English Plans

Phase 3 Phonics

Spellings List 4 (Spring 2)

Spellings List 5 (Summer 1)

Topic web (British Wildlife)


RSPB Wild Challenge Award

Welcome back to the start of the Summer term!  We hope you had an enjoyable Easter and stayed safe at home having fun with your family.

Week Commencing 20th April 2020

Please find below the work for your child to complete this week.  There is English, Maths and Topic work to keep your child busy!  Please could you send one piece of English and one piece of Maths work that your child has completed this week to the email address: by the end of the week.  We will look at the work, mark it and send it back to you.   Click on the Phonics link below and you will find all of phase 3 phonic sounds in short video clips for your child to practise over the following weeks.  There are also spelling lists for your child to practise. Choose up to 10 words from the list to practise each week.  Thank you for your continued support, we know this is a difficult time and appreciate home learning is challenging but also very rewarding.  If you have any questions please email us and we will get back to you.

Report writing prompts Please complete these with your child and send in so that we can add these to your child’s report which will be sent out next month.

English Plans

The story of Pirate Tom and text map

Short Burst Writing Pictures

Finding Story Expectations Year 1

Spellings List 4 (Spring 2)

Spellings List 5 (Summer 1)

Maths Plans

Phonics Phase 3

Topic (Computing, PSHE, Music, Science and P.E)

Topic web (British Wildlife)

Below there are some special award certificates for your child.  When your child has tried hard at their work and you feel you would like to give them a reward, feel free to print one of these out for them.

Special Award certificate

Week Commencing 30th March 2020

English Week 2 30th March

Maths Week 2 30th March

Topic plan Week 2 30th March

Spellings ‘ea’

Week Commencing 23rd March 2020

Maths Week 1 Weight and volume

English Poetry Week 1


Write your own poem

Villainous Verses Poetry Differentiated Questions and Answers

Week 1 Spellings i – e

Precursive handwriting practise

In the link below are some extra maths games and links to websites to investigate.  These are things you can do at anytime over the coming weeks.

Extra maths activities to have fun with at home!

Week 1 Topic plan

Science plans


Animal body parts word mat

Organs of human body parts

Animal Grouping Picture Cards photographs.

Animal classification 5 senses sheet




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