Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 Penguin Class page for Coronavirus related home learning.

Hello all. This is an unsettling period for all of us, and far from the half term we would have hope for, but we hope to make remote learning as smooth a process as possible. To begin with, please read this letter that explains how things will work for us over the next few weeks. Remote Learning Letter to parents 2021 Y2

While we build our capacity and skills to use Microsoft Teams, I can still be contacted via the home work address, and will post set work here.

Our expectation is that you complete one piece of English and one of Maths each day as far as possible, along with a topic activity. Try to keep up with the more regular home learning activities, reading each day and learning spellings and times tables.

Online Teaching Support and Microsoft Teams

We are all coming to this with different levels of confidence and experience. I have tried to put together a quick guide to some of the essential Teams information and skills for those who would like to use it. Some Teams tips.

The children should have had an email invitation to the Teams Meetings at 9.15, which will be ten minutes of registration. (I will continue the meeting but understand that some children will not be able to attend the whole thing due to the device being needed for other reasons). To join, you should be able to accept and join from the email, or go to the Teams chat or calendar where there should also be a link. I will intend to be in the chat slightly earlier and myself and Mrs Sayer will aim to check in with the children during the morning. Apologies if there are many emails and changes, as we adapt plans and learn how to use the technology for our purposes. I intend to record some teaching moments in the Teams meetings – I will warn other participants first – so that children can watch them later from the chat thread, as I realise that children may not all be able to be online at the same time.

You are all aware that I have been unwell over the last months, while I am much better I am currently following a phased return to work, which we are trying to adapt to fit the needs of remote learning. During the mornings I will be at my computer and in class, ready to respond to children and parents questions via the Teams chat and email, but initially I will not be doing this in the afternoons. Please do fell free to still send questions and work, but there will be a longer delay in answering them.

To try to ensure that this does not unfairly impact the children, I am going to temporarily hold the Afternoon Teams Meeting during the morning at 11.30 instead of 1.30.

There will also be an afternoon meeting at 2.45 going forwards.

I know some people are having problems logging in – this is a very new system and set up for us, so please be forgiving of a few teething problems. I’m sure you will see my own computing and teams errors as well… If you have tried the fixes suggested in the remote learning letter (particularly capitalising the password as this has helped some users) and still cannot log in please let me know via the year 2 email address,

Please emphasise with children that they should not start Teams Meetings, but wait for a teacher to do so. Over the first weeks I will set and remind children of e-safety and online skills and expectations so they should hopefully become more skilled and confident users.

Here are my plans for w/c 5th January. They are also available on Teams:

Please be aware that I will be available to support and meet with the children from Wednesday 6th January, when more plans will be in place.


Talk4Write quick guide

Tuesday 5th – Introducing a poem with rhyming couplets.

Share this fantastic poem together. Today’s learning focus is enjoyment and immersion in the new poem. Did you like it? Why? Or why not?

What do you think a rhyming couplet  is? Think about the meaning of these words. Find the rhyming words in the poem, and suggestion your own. A board game around rhyme pairs would be excellent consolidation, or collecting rhyming pair objects from around the house. Don’t be tricked by alliteration! Rhyme is about the sounds at the end of the words.

Wednesday 6th to Friday 9th – Rhyming couplet planning and prompts

rhyimg couplets poem template (sorry for typo) This is editable so children can type into it and save it as there work if you wish, otherwise it is simple a visual aid.


Activities for the pattern adding the suffix -ed -er and -est to words that end in y: 

Year 2 Term 2A Week 1 – Handwriting Continuous Cursive Year 2 Term 2A Week 1 – Look, Say, Cover, Write Year 2 Term 2A Week 1 – Word Search

I would focus on writing the ‘root’ word and they seeing if or how the suffix changes them, for example:

copy + er  =  copier

happy + est = happiest

try + ed = tried


Fantastic news! We have a paid subscription to bug club, so the bug club reading log in details will now work and allow children to access e-books and quizzes in their set reading bands, Most log ins were put in the reading records, but if you cannot find your child’s details please email me and I will resend them.

ActiveLearn: Login (


Good news – practice books will be available to collect from school, please await further details from the office to confirm times.

In maths we have looked at the two calculation operations of addition and subtraction. This week we are beginning our first unit on multiplication and subtraction. Sometimes people have issues opening or accessing powerpoints, so the PDF is simply an alternative.

Tuesday 5th –  5.1.21 maths powerpoint      5.1.21 maths pdf alternative    (these are to support teaching the concept)   5.1.21 maths practice book     (this is the work the children would complete – I realise printing sheets is not possible for everyone, and will explore potential alternatives).

Wednesday 6th – 6.1.21 maths pdf alternative 6.1.21 maths powerpoint 6.1.21 maths practice book

Thursday 7th – 7.1.21 maths pdf alternative 7.1.21 maths powerpoint 7.1.21 maths practice book

Friday 8th – 8.1.21 maths powerpoint 8.1.21 maths pdf alternative 8.1.21 maths practice book

Topic Learning 

PSHE – You may want to share these resources with your child:

Soaperheroes Yoga:

Everybody Worries ebook:

We will be focusing on science this week. For our first science experiment you will need to freeze some water in advance, ideally in two equal sized tubs. It would also be great if you could hang onto some different types of packaging and rubbish for children to explore recycling and classifying later in the week.

Wednesday 6th – home learning gymnastics

SCIENCE introducing climate change powerpoint

SCIENCE introducing climate change pdf

SCIENCE optional Climate Change Test record

Thursday 7th –

Science Reduce Reuse Recycle pdf alternative

Science Reduce Reuse Recycle powerpoint

General Maths resources:

Being at home can be the perfect opportunity to explore time further. In Year 2 we will work to recognise and tell the time on analogue and digital clocks to the hour, half past, quarter to and quarter past. Later we will also look at telling the time in five minute intervals. Making a clock to build these skills would be fantastic, then supporting children to link events to times.

Make your own clock template.

Resources to support spelling:

KS1 spellings 109 words

Resources to support handwriting and letter formation:

Cursive alphabet

Handwriting guidance

Video stories to share at home:

Max the Brave – 

Supertato –

Yoga Ogre –

Hugless Douglas – or  Story Time codes  scan QR codes and have a story read to you!

Resources which you may find helpful:


COMPASS Newsletter: COMPASS Newsletter PSHE Think U Know is the name for the set of resources produced by the National Crime Agency / CEOP to help keep children safe while online.

Our class and teacher:

Video tour of our classroom here.

Document to help the children get to know a little more about me: All About Me Y2 2020-21.

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