Year 3

I know that some of you are feeling overwhelmed at the moment with continuing to work at home and/or supporting your child’s learning adding to the pressures upon you.  If you can only manage one thing to help your child currently, I would like it to be reading for pleasure.  With that in mind, I am including this reading challenge which is in two parts.  The first is a 30-day challenge to read for 15 minutes a day with you and your child negotiating rewards for doing so.  The second is a ‘reading bingo’ competition run by the Toppsta website which has prizes of £25 Smyths Toys gift cards, which can be spent online.  Full details are included in the document which can be accessed here: Toppsta Reading for Pleasure activities

If your child is a member of the Norfolk Library Service, they may well have taken part in the Summer Reading Challenge in previous years.  This year, it is all online so your child can still take part.  If you’re not already a member, it’s free to join up and doing so will allow you to access lots of ebooks and magazines free of charge.  You can sign up here:

The reading challenge is open to all here:

If you want to go the whole hog and join in with the virtual launch party on Facebook, then The Reading Agency website provides all the information you’ll need here:—schedule-announced.html


Think U Know is the name for the set of resources produced by the National Crime Agency / CEOP to help keep children safe while online. They will be producing new material each fortnight here:


Welcome back everybody! I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather and relaxing lots on your week off. While things seem to be improving relating to Covid-19 across the country, the home learning situation for our class here at OBPS will continue as it has been over recent times. You will likely have seen information regarding the opening of the school for certain children and year groups and if/when the situation changes you will again be informed.

Mrs. Canwell has been a presence in school over recent times and we continue to talk often about how the children in school have been doing, alongside how you guys that send me emails are getting on. We know how hard these times have been on everyone and we are very proud of you all. Keep giving the work your best but make sure you look after yourselves too and before we know it we will be back to some kind of normality.

Could I please ask that when sending work across either as copies or as pictures that the children’s faces are kept out of the picture. Whilst I miss them all dearly it does go against our GDPR guidance and therefore we have been requested that we simply see work.


This page will continue to be the location in which home learning can be found and any Year 3 specific information will be posted. The page will be updated with new work on a rotational basis so that the most recent work is always visible. If you scroll down the work will be dated to help guide you.

Alongside the links below please encourage your children to continue with their regular reading, the 3/4 word list spellings, times tables (Hit the Button – online game) and include regular physical activity breaks. Some great activities can be found on the Youtube Channel of the Body Coach – He will also be posting daily workouts for children during this time period.


Some subject specific info:

English: we plan to try and stick as closely to the normal T4W scheme as we can through remote learning. We will provide a step by step guide each week to help your children complete the required learning.

Maths: as English we will attempt to continue learning through the normal medium of Power Maths as closely as we can. The step by step guide will follow textbook work that we would do normally during class and the activities that follow this will be those that the children should be used to seeing.

To hopefully offer additional clarity the Discover section introduces the concept for that lesson and is an opportunity to discuss the learning they will uncover. The Share section explains the answers to the questions in the Discover section, and the Think Together section allows children to have a go at applying what they have learned. Independent work would normally be completed in their Practice Books, but during this period I will set work of a similar standard that they should aim to complete on their own. I will also include Challenges, to extend the learning of those children who feel confident to push themselves on.

Alongside the plans provided, White Rose Maths Hub have now released some helpful short videos and corresponding work to help the delivery of Maths. These plans work alongside the Power Maths very well as they are produced from the same education group. You can find these helpful resources here.


Alongside the learning, please ensure you have some fun, take regular breaks, laugh often, enjoy family company and even keep updated with the latest news by watching Newsround –

The email address for year 3 is;

Be safe, be kind and be helpful; we both look forward to seeing you all again soon,

Thank you, Mr Grass & Mrs Canwell


The end of the year is rapidly approaching and whilst some lockdown measures have been eased it’s still a very different time for us all. I know how hard all of you and your parents have been working to keep your school work going, so keep trying hard with this for just a little bit longer. Myself and Mrs Canwell continue to be very proud of all and look forward to when we can see you all again.

This week’s work is below:

Home Learning Map 6th – 10th July

English Plans 6th – 10th July

Independent Box up Sheet

Maths 6th – 10th July

Dreams and Goals Lesson 6

Upcycle Project

Spellings 7th – 13th Jul

Spelling Activity 7th – 13th July Spellings


Could you please send me Friday’s finished English piece and Wednesday’s Math’s.

Have a great week everyone 🙂


Good morning, as I am now in school full time until the end of the term working with a Year 6 group, work will hopefully be posted on Sunday evenings but on the odd occasion a Monday morning as is the case today. My email responses may also take a little longer due to my attention needing to be on the children in school when I’m in class. Thank you in advance for your patience, I hope the change will see little impact in the run into the end of term.

Home Learning Map 29th – 3rd July

English Plans 29th – 3rd July

Conjunctions Word Mat


Maths 29th – 3rd July

Dreams and Goals Lesson 5

Board Game Creation

Spellings 30th – 6th Jul

Spelling Activity 30th – 6th July Spellings

Work to be sent this week please:

English: Wednesday’s Innovation beginning.

Maths: Friday’s adding mass.


Thank you for your patience everyone.

Mr Grass & Mrs Canwell

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