Year 3

I know that some of you are feeling overwhelmed at the moment with continuing to work at home and/or supporting your child’s learning adding to the pressures upon you.  If you can only manage one thing to help your child currently, I would like it to be reading for pleasure.  With that in mind, I am including this reading challenge which is in two parts.  The first is a 30-day challenge to read for 15 minutes a day with you and your child negotiating rewards for doing so.  The second is a ‘reading bingo’ competition run by the Toppsta website which has prizes of £25 Smyths Toys gift cards, which can be spent online.  Full details are included in the document which can be accessed here: Toppsta Reading for Pleasure activities

Welcome back guys I hope you managed to have some fun during the Easter break and of course ate lots of chocolate eggs. Since the government has announced at least another 3 weeks of lockdown, our learning will proceed as it has done previously but with some slight changes as you hopefully will have all seen from the letter Mrs Humphrey sent out. Myself and Mrs Canwell are still often thinking of you all and are in no doubt that you continue to be behaving wonderfully in these strange times. Hard I’m sure to stick to the government guidance during these times of lovely weather but stay strong and safe and as this quote I’ve seen says; One more day of this means one day closer to normal!

The slight changes will see that once a week I am going to ask that you send me 1 piece of English work and 1 piece of Math’s so that I can take a look over progress and provide feedback where necessary. I will state below which pieces of work I would like you to send me so that everyone who sends the work is sending in the same pieces. I will then provide any feedback in the form of a return email directly to you so that feedback is individual and personal.

Could I please ask that when sending work across either as copies or as pictures that the children’s faces are kept out of the picture. Whilst I miss them all dearly it does go against our GDPR guidance and therefore we have been requested that we simply see work.


This page will continue to be the location in which home learning can be found and any Year 3 specific information will be posted. The page will be updated with new work on a rotational basis so that the most recent work is always visible. If you scroll down the work will be dated to help guide you.

Alongside the links below please encourage your children to continue with their regular reading, the 3/4 word list spellings, times tables (Hit the Button – online game) and include regular physical activity breaks. Some great activities can be found on the Youtube Channel of the Body Coach – He will also be posting daily workouts for children during this time period.


Some subject specific info:

English: we plan to try and stick as closely to the normal T4W scheme as we can through remote learning. We will provide a step by step guide each week to help your children complete the required learning.

Maths: as English we will attempt to continue learning through the normal medium of Power Maths as closely as we can. The step by step guide will follow textbook work that we would do normally during class and the activities that follow this will be those that the children should be used to seeing.

To hopefully offer additional clarity the Discover section introduces the concept for that lesson and is an opportunity to discuss the learning they will uncover. The Share section explains the answers to the questions in the Discover section, and the Think Together section allows children to have a go at applying what they have learned. Independent work would normally be completed in their Practice Books, but during this period I will set work of a similar standard that they should aim to complete on their own. I will also include Challenges, to extend the learning of those children who feel confident to push themselves on.

Alongside the plans provided, White Rose Maths Hub have now released some helpful short videos and corresponding work to help the delivery of Maths. These plans work alongside the Power Maths very well as they are produced from the same education group. You can find these helpful resources here.


Alongside the learning, please ensure you have some fun, take regular breaks, laugh often, enjoy family company and even keep updated with the latest news by watching Newsround –

The email address for year 3 is;

Be safe, be kind and be helpful; we both look forward to seeing you all again soon,

Thank you, Mr Grass & Mrs Canwell


With the government announcement this evening, it seems this will continue to be our learning medium up until half term and possibly for some time afterwards. Regarding answers on time frame, I am afraid I am in the dark as much as you all are. If/when any clarity is offered the school will of course inform you all.

For the time being continue to be safe, stay positive and keep up the social distancing.

Below is this weeks work…the spellings are correct first time round too 🙂 haha

Home Learning Map 11th – 15th May

English Plans 11th – 15th May

Persuasion Model Text

Persuasion Box Up Jumble

Persuasion Box Up Jumble Answer Sheet

Persuasive Word Mat

Maths 11th – 15th May

Relationships Lesson 4

Human Body Art 1

Human Body Art 2

Human Body Art 3

Spellings 12th – 18th May

Spelling Activity 12th – 18th Spellings

This week could you please email over these two pieces for me to take a look at:

English – Wednesday’s comprehension questions.

Maths – Friday’s time work.


The last week or work before half term. I appreciate many of you may have found different elements of the learning to difficult to access and complete, but I just want to say a massive thank you for giving it your best shot. These are times that none of us have experienced before so all we can do is our best. I would expect that I will still be posting work here for the week following half term and beyond. For exactly how much longer I’m afraid I cannot say as it has yet to be decided.


Below are the work links and work requests, thank you 🙂

Home Learning Map 18th – 22nd May

English Plans 18th – 22nd May

Connectives Game

Persuasion Innovation Text

Independent Box-up Planning

Maths 18th – 22nd May

Relationships Lesson 5

Sheffield Lesson 1

Sheffield Lesson 2

Sheffield Lesson 3

Spellings 19th – 25th May

Spelling Activity 19th – 25th Spellings

Sorry I had forgotten to mention this beforehand, could you please email me;

Thursday’s – Math’s work.

Friday’s – English work

Have a great week and enjoy the nicer weather over the half term. Hopefully you can enjoy the fresh air a little more with the slight easing of restrictions. Stay safe everyone!

Thanks 🙂

Mr Grass

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