Year 3

Welcome everybody to Fox class page,


We appreciate these are previously unknown times and perhaps leave us all feeling confused and concerned. Just know that myself and Mrs Canwell are thinking of you all and are very proud of how well the children behaved over the recent weeks. We look forward to seeing you all again once this is over and that’s important to remember…this will end, the sun will shine and normality will resume. So stay strong, stay positive and support one another.


This page will be the location in which home learning can be found and any Year 3 specific information will be posted. The page will be updated with new work on a rotational basis so that the most recent work is always visible. If you scroll down the work will be dated to help guide you.

Alongside the links below please encourage your children to continue with their regular reading, the 3/4 word list spellings, times tables (Hit the Button – online game) and include regular physical activity breaks. Some great activities can be found on the Youtube Channel of the Body Coach – He will also be posting daily workouts for children during this time period.


Some subject specific info:

English: we plan to try and stick as closely to the normal T4W scheme as we can through remote learning. We will provide a step by step guide each week to help your children complete the required learning.

Maths: as English we will attempt to continue learning through the normal medium of Power Maths as closely as we can. The step by step guide will follow textbook work that we would do normally during class and the activities that follow this will be those that the children should be used to seeing.

To hopefully offer additional clarity the Discover section introduces the concept for that lesson and is an opportunity to discuss the learning they will uncover. The Share section explains the answers to the questions in the Discover section, and the Think Together section allows children to have a go at applying what they have learned. Independent work would normally be completed in their Practice Books, but during this period I will set work of a similar standard that they should aim to complete on their own. I will also include Challenges, to extend the learning of those children who feel confident to push themselves on.

Alongside the plans provided, White Rose Maths Hub have now released some helpful short videos and corresponding work to help the delivery of Maths. These plans work alongside the Power Maths very well as they are produced from the same education group. You can find these helpful resources here.


Alongside the learning, please ensure you have some fun, take regular breaks, laugh often, enjoy family company and even keep updated with the latest news by watching Newsround –

The email address for year 3 is;

Be safe, be kind and be helpful; we both look forward to seeing you all again soon,

Thank you, Mr Grass & Mrs Canwell

Poetry 23-27 March

Maths 23-27th

Home Learning Map 23-27

Plant Life Cycle

I hope the first week went well for you all, I know it’s all very strange but I’m sure you’re all doing your parents very proud. Keep going and keep smiling! Below is the final 3 days worth of work before the Easter break (albeit a peculiar one);

Home Learning Map 30th-1st

English 30th-1st

Maths 30th – 1st

French Numbers to 20

Human Body Facts


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