Year 4

Dear parents,

Welcome back to the Year 4 online learning page; here you will find this week’s work. 

Our expectation is that children complete one session of English and one session of Maths each day. Please can you email me with one piece of your child’s work from English and one piece of work from Maths towards the end of each week – this week (18th May), I would like the writing from Wednesday and the maths from Friday.

I will ‘mark’ the work via email, giving personalised feedback and a next step (target) for them to work on for the following week. You can either email me a photo of the work, or scan it in and send this across if you are able.

I will also issue slimmed-down spellings (for their spelling groups) and times tables each week; please continue to work on these with your children. If you wish, you could test them on these each Monday, like we do in class, before working through the new set for that week.

Topic work will include a selection of activities from Science, History, Geography, Art, Design Technology, Computing, Music, PE, RE, or PSHE.

Please don’t feel like you need to print everything in the plans if you are not able to do so – simply ask children to work on paper, writing as neatly and as clearly as they can (especially with calculations when it comes to maths). I would love to see how your children are getting on with this work – please email me with photos of your children’s learning using the Year 4 homework email address, so I can tweet them to show everyone what you’ve been doing!

I have set up the entire class on a new online reading resource, Scholastic Reading Zone. If you have already used the homework email address to contact me, I will email you with your child’s login details. If not, please aim to contact me this week so I can forward your child’s details on to you.

Okay, here are my plans for the week beginning Monday 18th May:

English – the final four sessions of a 3-week fiction block based on a ‘problem resolution’ story, plus a standalone reading lesson on Friday
Spellings – for green/red/yellow groups (6 words rather than 10).
Maths – all 5 lessons and an end of unit check for Unit 13: Time.
Topic (to follow. This plan is across 2 pages – please don’t feel like you need to squeeze everything in this week, feel free to do some things over half term if you wish!) – History, DT, PE and PSHE. Please send us photos of what you have been doing!

English – Problem resolution story – model text, Problem resolution story – text map, Boxing up grid (blank), Boxing up (example), Mr Brown’s example of an innovated story, Y3/Y4 spelling list, Commonly misspelled words, Anglo Saxons reading comprehension (3 difficulty levels)

Maths – for the final week of summer term 1, I would like your child to recap their learning on the 7 times tables and 8 times tables and corresponding division facts. I would like them to attempt a mini-test to see how well they know them. Set a timer for 5 minutes and record how long it takes you. Use the sheets above to check your answers.

‘Time’ unit worksheets:
Converting 12-hour and 24-hour times (3 levels of challenge, 1 star pages 1-4, 2 stars pages 5-10, 3 stars pages 11-15, answers included in each section).
Read, write and compare the time (answers included) – 1 star challenge, 2 star challenge, 3 star challenge

DT – Summer soups planning sheet
History –
Lesson 3: Village Life lesson file, Anglo-Saxon jobs sheet, Anglo Saxon village pictures, Anglo Saxon village labels
Lesson 4: Artefacts and Culture lesson file, Historian questions, Examining artefacts, Artefacts and culture
Lesson 5: Anglo Saxon Gods lesson file, Religion quiz, Great gods questions
Lesson 6: Conversion to Christianity lesson file, Saintly information, Conversion to Christianity activity – 3 levels

Extra History resources – Anglo Saxon fact cards, Anglo Saxon challenge cards, Anglo Saxon wordsearch

To flesh out the curriculum, here are some extra things that may be of interest:

This handwriting resource will promote neat, cursive handwriting, which we have been practising a great deal in class. Children should be joining up their writing consistently and neatly by the end of Year 4. Practice makes perfect!

Usborne Children’s Books are currently offering all of their eBooks for just 99p, so if you’re looking for something new to read, check it out!

Continuing with the reading theme, Books for Topics has compiled a range of stories for all age groups. Simply find your child’s age group, and open the PDF to find a series of links to the stories being read out in YouTube videos.

Hit the Button is a great, free online game for children to practice their times tables, division facts, number bonds, doubles, halves and square numbers. Perhaps your child can try to set a high score for other members of the family to try and beat – tweet us with your results!

BBC Supermovers is another great resource that encourages children to learn times tables, among things from many other subjects, but with the help of familiar BBC children’s personalities, and even football team mascots!

BBC Newsround will be a daily source of child-friendly news and information about things happening around the world. We often watch this in class, having lots of open and interesting discussions about these events. The three daily editions will be posted online at 9.15am, 12.10pm and 4pm.

Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, will be doing daily PE lessons for children on his YouTube channel, to encourage them to stay active as much as possible. These will start at 9am each morning. He already has a range of workouts for children to do at home, which are a great place to start!

Additionally, Active Norfolk have added a range of resources to try out each weekday, which can be found here. These are updated each Friday.

Please remember that you are free to email me ( with any questions about anything here between 10-2 Monday to Friday; I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I hope this information is useful for you. I wish you, your children, your families and your pets all the best during these troubling times, and I hope to see you all again soon.

Mr Brown

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