Year 4

For those who need to email me work or contact me when you are remote learning, the contact email address is  We hope to have Microsoft Teams up and running alongside this shortly so children can contact directly, but until then use the above email address.


Monday 22nd February

Maths – 22.02.21

English – 22.02.21

Brain Warmer – 22.02.21

Wednesday 10th February

Week 6 Spelling List – LSCW

Maths – 10.02.21

Brain Warmer – 10.02.21

English – 10.02.21


Explore getting the rocket ship to different planets, are you then able to explore taking the ship to every planet. If you are finding the simple mode too simple, click on the advanced button near the bottom left. This means you have to plot the route out before you can see it 🙂

JIT5 (

Snow Day – Tuesday 9th February

Please find the Maths, English, spellings and Computing work for today 🙂

Maths – 9.02.21

English – 9.02.21

Brain Warmer – 9.02.21 

Week 6 Spelling List

Week 6 Spelling List – Word Search – Star Wars: Building a Galaxy With Code (Blockly)

Snow Day – Monday 8th February

Please find attached the Maths and English for today if you have been unable to successfully access Microsoft Teams, along with a little Brain Warmer 🙂

Maths – 8.02.21

English – 8.02.21 

Brain Warmer – 8.02.21

Snow Afternoon

Stay safe but enjoy the snow!


The link below takes you to a guide on Facebook of how to upload ‘scans’ from an iPhone:



Good morning everyone, apologies the work is only being posted now…the website login was down yesterday and only rectified this morning (wonderful technology). Below is the work for the 3 remaining days this week, I would prefer if possible for you to engage with Microsoft Teams, as we plan on moving everything over to that format from Monday. Teams allows us to be more engaging with the children’s learning and gives an option of more personal and direct feedback quicker. Have a great day 🙂



Science Lesson 1 PowerPoint

Science Lesson 1 Sound Survey

Dreams and Goals Lesson 1

PE With Joe | Monday 20th July – YouTube

Week 1 Spellings List


With the news yesterday evening at 8pm that the country is now back in lockdown, we will again return to remote learning. As I had originally planned to have the whole class in, my plans will need to be adapted to suit remote learning. Therefore, I ask you to bare with me for today whilst I prepare this work for the rest of the week and beyond.

The remote learning curriculum will be ready for tomorrow from 8am and everyday will consist of an English, a Maths and one other subject activity. I aim to teach the curriculum as closely to what was originally planned as possible, there will however have to be alterations due to the situation.


For today I direct you to some websites for Maths games, English comprehension, spelling activity and Art (drawing).

Maths – Ordering and Sequencing Numbers Games (

From here you can select a category for your child to practise some previously learnt mathematic skills. I would recommend, place value, addition & subtraction, times tables and multiplication & division as the areas to focus on.

English comprehension – Retrieval and inferences

Art – Rob Biddulph – YouTube

Please feel free to give as many of these activities a go as you’d like. Tomorrow will see the start of our remote curriculum being rolled out fully.


Take care everyone and stay safe.


Mr Grass and Mrs Canwell.



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