Year 5

Here you will be able to find all information relevant to Raven class during the Coronavirus outbreak, including all my planning and anything else I think might be of use to you at this challenging time.

You will all have received a letter yesterday, inviting you to bring your child in next week and I am hoping that many of you will be able to do so.  I am very much looking forward to seeing those who do come in.  If your child has borrowed a book from my ‘little library’, can I please ask that it is returned when you come in (unless you are a Key Worker and I have loaned your child a book/books while they have been attending).  Thank you.

The lovely people at Toppsta are again promoting this over the summer with a 30 days of reading and ‘reading bingo’ activity which are included here. Toppsta Reading Pack There are prizes of Smyths Toys vouchers on offer again with which to incentivise your child.

The Norfolk Music Hub are offering some free online workshops over the summer.  If you’re interested, the link you need is here:

BookTrust are, as many of you know, a charity close to my heart and they are running a virtual ‘summer Camp’ this week supported by the Children’s Laureate, Cressida Cowell.  Further details can be found here:

I have been asked to share this link with you: Think U Know is the name for the set of resources produced by the National Crime Agency / CEOP to help keep children safe while online. They will be producing new material each fortnight.

If your child is a member of the Norfolk Library Service, they may well have taken part in the Summer Reading Challenge in previous years.  This year, it is all online so your child can still take part.  If you’re not already a member, it’s free to join up and doing so will allow you to access lots of ebooks and magazines free of charge.  You can sign up here:

The reading challenge is open to all here:

The expectation continues to be that your child will complete one session of maths and one of English each day, in accordance with my planning, and that each week I will now ask you to email me the work your child has completed from one session of each of these key subjects.  Some of this you may be able to complete in Word, if not I would suggest it can be scanned or a picture taken and then emailed to me. I realise that many of you will be unable to print out the resources I’ve included.  If that is the case, please do not worry.  All of them can be discussed once you’ve opened them up instead.

Let’s start with the maths:

Pearson are now allowing access to the Summer Practice Book again so we will be using that for some revision this week having finished the Term 5C materials.

Here is my planning for you for this week: Y5 maths wb 6th July

I would like you to send me their work from Friday, please, this week so I can see how they have got on.

If you have not yet received details for ‘Scholastic Reading Pro’ please let me know.  This online guided reading resource can be accessed here:  I know a few of you have been surprised at the length of some of the texts – it’s because the system uses ‘whole books’.  I do not expect anyone to read one in one ‘session’!

When you first login (42CR is the code which identifies our school) please click on the ‘Reading Pro’ button, choose areas of interest and then complete the ‘Reading Pro Test’.  This will then tell the system what sort of reads will interest them and they should be of an appropriate level.  You may want to bookmark this for future reference and change your child’s password, if you so wish.

In English, we are going to continue our final block this year, which is a ‘Finding Story’.  This week, I would like to see your child’s ‘innovation’ writing from Tuesday.

Here is this week’s plan for the start of the sequence: Y5 English Planning wb 29 June

This is the second week’s plan: Y5 English WB 6 July

And here is the text, which you will need every day: The Game finding story

You will also need the text map every day: The Game Text Map

Last week saw us boxing up the original text: Finding Story Boxing Up grid Here is my completed example for guidance: Finding Story Boxing Up grid completed example

On Thursday, I asked your child to complete this comprehension: Comprehension questions – The Game

On Monday this week you will need the boxing up grid to plan your innovated text: Innovated Finding Story Boxing Up grid And here is my completed example: Innovated Finding Story Boxing Up grid completed example

Here is my innovated text to guide you: The Game finding story innovated Apologies if you’ve downloaded this already (it’s 10 o’clock Monday) – I’ve corrected the missing inverted commas in the final section.

This is the statutory spellings activity, if your child needs some extra work this week: Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spelling Words Activity Mat Pack 5

To continue to help your child consider what they should be using in all of their writing to make it a ‘Year 5 piece of writing’, I’m still sharing our Key Performance Indicators – a list of features that are expected at Year 5 level.  Please do not stress about this!!!  No piece of writing contains all of these – it’s just here to help your child in their ‘toolkit’ planning (when we get that far) and as they are writing/proofreading/editing their work. Year 5 KPIs

This week’s spellings are here: Y5 Spellings wb 6th July  If you are able to print these, then they can also be used to practise handwriting.  I have updated Spelling Shed to reflect these.  May I please take the opportunity to remind you of the expectations of the 2014 National Curriculum regarding spellings.  If your child is not secure with all of the Year 3/4 list: LKS2 Statutory spellings  please practise those which they need to learn with them, a few at a time.  Similarly, if they do not as yet know the Year 5/6 ones, then please support them in learning those too: UKS2 Statutory spellings  I know SATs seem a long way off (and they certainly shouldn’t be top of anyone’s list of priorities currently!) but as part of whoever teaches your child next year’s assessment of whether or not they meet ‘Age Related Standards’ their spelling will be judged as will their handwriting.

Okay, now for the other subjects

These are all included on this plan: Y5 Topic map wb 6 July

Science: Our topic is ‘Animals including humans’ and our final lesson is: ‘Life expectancy’.    You will need the Powerpoint for the lesson: Lesson Presentation Life Expectancy and these resources: Activity Sheet Life Expectancy of Animals Table – Black and White, Activity Sheet Recording Datasets – Black and White and Activity Sheet Reporting Findings. This lesson is again quite involved as it involves creating graphs for which here is the squared paper: Squared paper.

Here is the guidance for adults to help you: Adult Guidance Gestation Periods

Topic: Our theme continues to be Africa.  The presentation for the next lesson is here: #Lesson Presentation Artefact Exhibition You will need these resources to help your child: Benin Artefacts Picture Pack, Activity Sheet Collecting Evidence, Activity Sheet Benin Exhibition, and Benin Artefacts Information Guide – Black and White I am counting this as our guided reading for this week to avoid our English block finishing right at the end of term.


I am hoping that your child is continuing to read for pleasure.  If you are lucky enough to be able to buy new books but are unsure as to what to buy,  I suggest you check out this list on the brilliant ‘Books for Topics’ website. They also lists some great online ‘storytimes’ here:

As you would with ‘normal’ reading aloud by your child, please discuss what has happened in each chapter, how they know what they are telling you and ask your child to make predictions as to what they think is going to happen next.  Drawing scenes from the stories and/or the characters, or creating maps of the places mentioned, will also help them understand the texts better and is something that children normally enjoy.

As we approach the end of the academic year, this still seems a very odd way of working for all of us.  As I’ve said before, please bear with me if I have made mistakes, been unclear or forgotten to include anything.  I have tried to keep my planning as short as possible as I know I tend to be quite verbose – if you need extra guidance, please ask.  If you let me know of any issues, I will do my level best to correct them as soon as I am able.  In an attempt to keep this page as ‘tidy’ as possible, I am removing each previous week’s learning as I replace it.  I know some of you have got a little behind on topic or science – if this happens and you are keen for your child to catch up, the resources are available on Twinkl, which is currently offering resources free to parents and carers.  I will be continuing to use these in an attempt to make all of our lives easier.


CBBC Newsround

Please continue to practise times tables, either using Supermovers or this website, which we used to practise number bonds when we were working on angles:

The penultimate BBC ‘Homeschool History’ podcast this week is on Cleopatra, which i’m sure many of the class will enjoy after learing about Ancient Egypt with Mr Grass:

I am still trying to learn a few Makaton signs.  I follow @makatonlucinda on Twitter and share this with the class each day.

I have loved seeing some of your pictures from #DrawWithRob sessions with @RobBiddulph – short videos by the children’s illustrator enabling us to produce great drawings of cartoon book characters.  New videos are available at 10 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For those of you who are missing looking around art galleries, The National Portrait Gallery has a virtual exhibition on currently which can be accessed here:

I know some of you will have visited the Natural History Museum and that has several ‘virtual’ activities which can be accessed here:

Now that the weather is encouraging us to spend more time outside, you might like to try some of these activities suggested by The Woodland Trust:

If and when I find other ‘little gems’ I will share them with you here.

I hope to see you all soon, and hope you stay well.

Jacqui Sydney

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