Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 ‘Coronavirus’ page where I will be setting work for those of you studying at home because of C-19.

From next week (wb 11th January), all of my planning and the other documents you need will be in ‘Teams’>File>Class materials>Week beginning 11th January.  This is then subdivided into: English, maths and other, to try to organise things easily.

Please read this letter which provides information regarding remote learning and times when your child should login to Teams to meet up with the rest of the class: Remote Learning Letter to parents 2021 Year 5

If you have specific queries regarding your child’s learning, please use the Teams ‘chat’ facility or send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.  Please do not raise queries during registration unless they relate directly to what we are discussing and you need clarification, thank you.

The expectation is that your child will complete 3 hours of lesson time each day: one of maths, one of English and one of ‘other’.  Completed work should be sent to me via this email address, please:

Please do not send emails containing work or enquiries to the office

Work will be uploaded for those of you working at home as I plan it.  Depending on what happens in school and at home, I may need to adjust plans as we go in response to how everyone gets on, but I will  let you know here if things change as soon as I am able.  I will try to make everything as clear as I can and support you to the best of my abilities through my planning, particularly for those of you who are unable to join in through Teams for whatever reason.  Please do not hesitate to let me know if you need help – Miss McLeod and I will do out utmost to support you.


Because Talk for Writing (T4W) in the form we deliver in school is quite tricky to follow at home, we are going to be using a booklet designed by the T4W team especially for home learning.  To help you with this, I have given additional guidance in my plans for this week and will also be supporting you through Teams.

Here is the  planning for this week: English planning wb 4th January

I’ve noticed that Friday’s lesson refers to Activity 6 – this is a mistake and it should be Activity 5, if you have printed it out, for which I apologise. I have corrected it above.

And here is the booklet you will need: T4W Ultimate Guide to Elves booklet

I have uploaded this week’s spellings onto Spelling Shed and they are also here for you: Y5 spellings wb 4 January


We have found the maths a little tricky in school this morning (Tuesday) and will need to carry on with today’s lesson tomorrow.  If your child has finished, please ask them to practise their times tables using the Top Marks ‘Hit the Button’ game, here:

I am aware that some of you may not be able to join us for maths when I teach this in class, so have tried to give you videos each day to support your child’s learning in my plan: Y5 maths wb 4th January.  I’m also including a multiplication square Multiplication square and Place Value grid PV grid to which I have referred in my planning.

We have gone back to the 2 x table this week to help reinforce this and are using BBC Supermovers to help us, which the children love.  Please practise this every day:


Tuesday: Please complete a Joe Wicks School workout of your choice from YouTube before completing this music lesson from Oak National:

Wednesday: We are starting our science for this half term, considering changing states of matter, which revises and expands on what your child learned in Year 4.  Please share the first two lessons (What happens during a state change and What is a physical change and how can we identify them:

Thursday: Forest School will be leading this afternoon.  Please note, this is my PPA time and I will not be available this afternoon while I plan for next week.

Friday: Please follow this PSHE lesson from Oak Academy on ’employment’:

We will be having Jigsaw Time, as usual, in school this afternoon as a reward for hard work and positive attitude ahead of assembly and I would like your child to enjoy this at home.

If your child is not a member of the Norfolk Library Service, it’s free to join up and doing so will allow you to access lots of ebooks and magazines free of charge.  You can sign up here:

I am hoping that your child is continuing to read for pleasure.  If you are lucky enough to be able to buy new books but are unsure as to what to buy,  I suggest you check out this list on the brilliant ‘Books for Topics’ website. They also lists some great online ‘storytimes’ here:

I hope to see your child soon.

Jacqui Sydney

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