Year 5

Here you will be able to find all information relevant to Raven class during the Coronavirus outbreak, including all my planning and anything else I think might be of use to you at this challenging time.

The expectation continues to be that your child will complete one session of maths and one of English each day, in accordance with my planning.  I know that some of you are at a different point from where I had planned for you to be.  This is not something to be worrying about; I appreciate that many of you are working from home and trying to ‘multitask’ all of your responsibilities.  All children attending on Friday 20th March have been given an exercise book in which to record their learning.  I realise that many of you will be unable to print out the resources I’ve included.  If that is the case, please do not worry.  All of them can be discussed once you’ve opened them up instead.

You may find when you get on to the innovated and independent writing that your child prefers to complete the writing in one day, rather than over the two planned.  That’s fine! Just have a double session of maths the following day to catch up.

Let’s start with the maths:

Here is my planning for you for this week: Maths wb 30 March  Your child is familiar with the ‘Power Maths’ Scheme.  Each day’s work comprises a ‘Power Up’ activity, which revises prior learning, and on which they should spend 5 minutes.  Once this is completed then the lesson is split into two parts.  The first has a ‘real life’ setting and your child should attempt to answer the questions as independently as possible before moving on to the second part where the level of challenge increases.  In my planning, I’ve tried to give you a few helpful tips, without trying to patronise you.  The children are familiar with the ways in which numbers are represented and should be able to explain to you what they are learning.  If you are still a little behind, here is last week’s plan: Maths wb 23 March.docx

You might also want to look at some of the videos on this link:  The Power Maths planning is based on the ‘White Rose’ scheme of work, which has some useful videos and more examples of what we are learning, if you feel your child would benefit from further work.  Some of the lessons don’t quite match perfectly, but if you look at the title of the Power Maths and White Rose lessons, you will see where they do match (eg ‘Understanding thousandths’)

In English, we are continuing to look at recounts, following the same planning from last week: Recount text plan for parents The plan refers to various resources which are included here:

Original text to learn: On our way to the tower text

Word search for day 2: Recount word search

Boxing Up grid for day 3: On our way to the tower Boxing Up grid

Reading Comprehension for day 4: On our way to the tower comprehension questions

Example completed innovated boxing up grid for day 5: Innovated Recount Boxing Up grid example

Sentence signpost examples for day 6: Sentence signposts

My innovated text for guidance for days 6 and 7: On our way to the tower – innovated

At this point in time, Thursday 26th, I’m expecting quite a few of the class to be at the point tomorrow where you will finish the innovation (if you’re behind this point that’s fine).  I am hoping that some of you who have looked at the innovated text will have thought that the green section was a bit ‘odd’ because it says: ‘He told us that he was hungry, but friendly, and liked eating people and swimming.’  It was my intention to talk to the independent group in the class about this as I taught it.  He is a ‘friendly’ shark so would not be eating people, one would presume.  What is missing is a ‘comma for clarity’.  This is one of the trickier Year 5 objectives, as not all writing will need one.  By inserting a comma after ‘eating’ the text becomes: ‘He told us that he was hungry, but friendly, and liked eating, people and swimming.’  If your child has already innovated this section, please don’t worry about missing this – you may or may not want to discuss this with them.  If they have not as yet reached this point, then I leave it to your judgement as to whether or not you want to talk about it.

Blank Boxing Up grid for planning the independent writing on day 8: Independent Recount Boxing Up grid

This week’s spellings are here: Y5 Spellings week 6 I have updated Spelling Shed to reflect these.  I haven’t tested it myself, but the ‘Sir Inkalot’ spelling app is currently free and is promoted by Suzie Dent from Countdown so might be worth a look.

Okay, now for the other subjects

These are all included on this plan: Y5 Topic map wb 30 March

Again, if you’re a little behind, here is last week’s plan:  Topic Map wb 23 March

To complete the science/topic work for this week you will need these resources:

Movement of the moon: Powerpoint for the lesson: Lesson Presentation Movement of the Moon and the worksheet: Activity Sheet Earth Moon and Sun Labelling Diagram

Here are last week’s resources, should you need them:

Day and Night: Powerpoint for the lesson: Lesson Presentation Powerpoint Night and Day and worksheet: Activity Sheet Night and Day Explanation Text

Day and Night International: Powerpoint for the lesson: Lesson Presentation Powerpoint Night and Day International Guidance for adults: Adult Guidance Night and Day International and worksheet: Activity Sheet Night and Day International Investigation


I told the class that if there was one thing I really wanted them to do while they are at home, it was to continue reading (preferably for pleasure).  If you are lucky enough to be able to buy new books but are unsure as to what to buy,  I can thoroughly recommend the ‘Bookfinder’ feature on the Booktrust websit here: Usborne books are currently offering their ebooks for 99p each and their website can be found here:

I know that for some of you, buying new books is not feasible so would suggest these as alternatives: This is the link for one of my favourite recent reads: ‘A Pinch of Magic’ by Michelle Harrison, read aloud by Nicky Diss

One of my all-time favourite children’s books is ‘The Lost Wild’ by Piers Torday; this is the link to chapter 1, read by the author. As I type, the whole book is not yet available, but he will be adding the further chapters as he records them.

If you need something a bit ‘lighter’ then I can also highly recommend the author Andy Stanton reading ‘Mr Gum and the Biscuit Billionaire’ here: This is the second in the Mr Gum series, but your child does not need to have read the first one to enjoy the silliness of this book.

If you are able to watch/listen to these together then that’s brilliant.  As you would with ‘normal’ reading aloud by your child, please discuss what has happened in each chapter, how they know what they are telling you and ask your child to make predictions as to what they think is going to happen next.  Drawing scenes from the stories and/or the characters, or creating maps of the places mentioned, will also help them understand the texts better and is something that children normally enjoy.

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, this is a new way of working for all of us.  Please bear with me if I have made mistakes, been unclear or forgotten to include anything.  If you let me know of any issues, I will do my level best to correct them as soon as I am able.


Without doubt, your child will have shared lots of little details with you about our daily activities.  We try to watch CBBC Newsround daily This is a great source of child-friendly news, not only about the Corona Virus but lots of fun stuff too.   We also practise our times tables daily using BBC Supermovers.  If you Google that, together with the table you wish to practise you will come up with the appropiate video.

We are also trying to learn a few Makaton signs.  I follow @makatonlucinda on Twitter and share this with the class each day.  We have also really enjoyed joining in with #DrawWithRob with @RobBiddulph – short videos by the children’s illustrator enabling us (and I do mean us – Miss McLeod and I have loved these) to produce great drawings of cartoon book characters.  New videos are available at 10 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We’ve also enjoyed the resources of illustrator  @Jarrett_Lerner who is adding new activities daily at   

Edinburgh Zoo have a few ‘livecam’  streams which your child might enjoy.  They can be accessed here:

The Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Falcon webcam is also up and running and can be viewed here:

As I find other ‘little gems’ I will share them with you here.

I hope to see you all soon, and hope you stay well.

Jacqui Sydney

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