Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 ‘Coronavirus’ page where I will be setting work for those of you studying at home because of C-19.

The expectation is that your child will complete one maths, one English and one ‘other’ lesson per day.

Here is this week’s maths: Y5 maths wb 23rd November and here is next week’s: Y5 maths wb 30th November

For English, I would like you to continue to follow the sequence of lessons from Oak National Academy on a narrative (fiction) unit, starting on Day 1:

This does not follow what we are covering in Talk for Writing but is aimed at Year 5 and follows a logical sequence which will be easier for you to follow and support your child with at home.  We have used a couple of Oak National lessons in class to help your child to become familiar with their format.  They are presented by qualified teachers who will talk you through what your child needs to do and the class has enjoyed the ones we have shared in school.

Each afternoon, I would like you to choose one of the following activities to share with your child.  I have tried to choose lessons which tie in with what we are currently learning but will require minimal effort and equipment on your part.  The order does not matter so please don’t worry if you complete them out of the suggested sequence:

For this week (wb 23rd November)

Monday: Please complete this lesson on Earth and Space from Oak National:

Tuesday: Again, this is not specifically a Year 5 lesson, but it is the follow on from last week’s activity, which I’m hoping you enjoyed.

Wednesday: We will be continuing with our Battle of Britain topic.  I would like you to share and discuss these videos which we shared in class last week, please: and:

Thursday: In PSHE, I would like you to follow this lesson, please, called ‘We are a Jigsaw’:

Friday: This is the next lesson in the sequence, looking at Indian classical music:

For next week (wb 30th November)

Monday: Please share these videos which we used in class to support our learning on the Battle of Britain: and:

Tuesday: I have found this short ‘yoga for kids’ lesson on YouTube which I would like you to share, please:

Wednesday: We will be starting our RE work for this term, looking at the Christmas story.  Please ask your child to draw what they think ‘The Nativity’ is and then discuss what they have drawn with them, where their ideas have come from and how they know this is what the Nativity is.  Do not be surprised if they draw a stage with an audience.  I often see this, or scenes from Nativity – the film, and will no doubt see them again in class.  We will discuss this further as we progress.

Thursday: Again, we will be learning PSHE in school.  Here is the next lesson in the sequence we have been following:

Friday: This is the next lesson in the music sequence, again looking at the Indian lullaby which you started learning last week:

If your child is not a member of the Norfolk Library Service, it’s free to join up and doing so will allow you to access lots of ebooks and magazines free of charge.  You can sign up here:

I am hoping that your child is continuing to read for pleasure.  If you are lucky enough to be able to buy new books but are unsure as to what to buy,  I suggest you check out this list on the brilliant ‘Books for Topics’ website. They also lists some great online ‘storytimes’ here:

I hope to see your child soon.

Jacqui Sydney

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