Year 5

Here you will be able to find all information relevant to Raven class during the Coronavirus outbreak, including all my planning and anything else I think might be of use to you at this challenging time.

I know that some of you are feeling overwhelmed at the moment with continuing to work at home and/or supporting your child’s learning adding to the pressures upon you.  If you can only manage one thing to help your child currently, I would like it to be reading for pleasure.  With that in mind, I am including this reading challenge which is in two parts.  The first is a 30-day challenge to read for 15 minutes a day with you and your child negotiating rewards for doing so.  The second is a ‘reading bingo’ competition run by the Toppsta website which has prizes of £25 Smyths Toys gift cards, which can be spent online.  Full details are included in the document which can be accessed here: Toppsta Reading for Pleasure activities

The expectation continues to be that your child will complete one session of maths and one of English each day, in accordance with my planning, and that each week I will now ask you to email me the work your child has completed from one session of each of these key subjects.  Some of this you may be able to complete in Word, if not I would suggest it can be scanned or a picture taken and then emailed to me. I realise that many of you will be unable to print out the resources I’ve included.  If that is the case, please do not worry.  All of them can be discussed once you’ve opened them up instead.

Let’s start with the maths:

Here is my planning for you for this week: Y5 maths wb 18th May We have come to the end of the online Practice Book materials 5C provided by Pearson, but they are still allowing access to the Textbook and the ‘summer Practice Book’  links for which are included here with all of the information you will need for each day’s lesson.  I know several of you have purchased the Practice Book for your child (thank you) so in this week’s plan I’ve provided information on the relevant pages in the textbook, the ‘Summer Practice Book’ (in red text) and Practice Book 5C (in blue).  If you have not bought the Practice Book, please DO NOT FRET – this is not an expectation and your child will still be able to access this week’s learning.  If, as seems likely, we are back next month I will revisit this after we’ve gone through the rest of the learning.

I would like you to send me their work from Thursday, please, this week so I can see how they have got on.

If you have not yet received details for ‘Scholastic Reading Pro’ please let me know.  This online guided reading resource can be accessed here:  I know a few of you have been surprised at the length of some of the texts – it’s because the system uses ‘whole books’.  I do not expect anyone to read one in one ‘session’!  I would like your child to use this on Friday, please as that day’s English lesson.

When you first login (42CR is the code which identifies our school) please click on the ‘Reading Pro’ button, choose areas of interest and then complete the ‘Reading Pro Test’.  This will then tell the system what sort of reads will interest them and they should be of an appropriate level.  You may want to bookmark this for future reference and change your child’s password, if you so wish.

In English, we are going to finish our block on writing a ‘Wishing Story’.  This week, I would like to see your child’s independent story, please.

Here is the plan for the second week, if you are still a little behind: Y5 Wishing Story planning week 2   The third and final week’s planning is here: Wishing Story planning week 3

You will need the text every day: The Three Wishes story

Text map: 3 Wishes text map

As you move onto the innovation phase, you will need these resources from Day 1:

Innovated story boxing up grid: Innovated Wishing Story Boxing Up Grid

Completed example innovated boxing up grid: Example Innovated Wishing Story Boxing Up grid

Innovated story: The Three Wishes innovated story example

For planning their independent story, your child can choose from a boxing up grid: Wishing Story Boxing Up grid  or a story mountain: Story Mountain blank to help them.  They are very familiar with these and should be able to plan their story independently.  As a prompt, to help your child consider what they should be using to make their story a ‘Year 5 piece of writing’, I’m sharing our Key Performance Indicators – a list of features that are expected at Year 5 level.  Please do not stress about this!!!  No piece of writing contains all of these – it’s just here to help your child in their ‘toolkit’ planning and as they are writing/proofreading/editing their work, as I’ve explained in my planning. Year 5 KPIs

This week’s spellings are here: Y5 summer spellings week 5  If you are able to print these, then they can also be used to practise handwriting.  I have updated Spelling Shed to reflect these.  May I please take the opportunity to remind you of the expectations of the 2014 National Curriculum regarding spellings.  If your child is not secure with all of the Year 3/4 list: LKS2 Statutory spellings  please practise those which they need to learn with them, a few at a time.  Similarly, if they do not as yet know the Year 5/6 ones, then please support them in learning those too: UKS2 Statutory spellings  I know SATs seem a long way off (and they certainly shouldn’t be top of anyone’s list of priorities currently!) but as part of whoever teaches your child next year’s assessment of whether or not they meet ‘Age Related Standards’ their spelling will be judged as will their handwriting.

Okay, now for the other subjects

These are all included on this plan: Y5 Topic map wb 18 May

To complete the science/topic work for this week you will need these resources:

Science: Our topic continues to be ‘Living Things and their Habitats’ and our next lesson is: ‘Metamorphosis’.  You will need the Powerpoint for the lesson: Lesson Presentation Metamorphosis and these resources: Activity Sheet Amphibians and Insects and Clue Cards As always, your child will know which level of challenge is the one with which they are most comfortable.  There is no expectation that your child will complete more than one level of work.

Topic: This term’s theme is ‘Crime and Punishment’ and the presentation for the next lesson is here: Lesson Presentation Victorian Prisons  this week, your child will be writing a diary entry as though they are an inmate in a Victorian prison: Activity Sheet Diary   There is guidance on the activities we would have shared in class to help strengthen your child’s understanding of this period of British history here: Adult Guidance Hard Labour Activities

For the IT activity, you will need this resource: Decomposition


I am hoping that your child is continuing to read for pleasure.  If you are lucky enough to be able to buy new books but are unsure as to what to buy,  I can thoroughly recommend the ‘Bookfinder’ feature on the Booktrust website here:

 The first Harry Potter book is being read by various famous faces currently and can be found here: 

The wonderful ‘Books for Topics’ also lists some great online ‘storytimes’ here:

As you would with ‘normal’ reading aloud by your child, please discuss what has happened in each chapter, how they know what they are telling you and ask your child to make predictions as to what they think is going to happen next.  Drawing scenes from the stories and/or the characters, or creating maps of the places mentioned, will also help them understand the texts better and is something that children normally enjoy.

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, this is still a very odd way of working for all of us.  Please bear with me if I have made mistakes, been unclear or forgotten to include anything.  I have tried to keep my planning as short as possible as I know I tend to be quite verbose – if you need extra guidance, please ask.  If you let me know of any issues, I will do my level best to correct them as soon as I am able.  In an attempt to keep this page as ‘tidy’ as possible, I am removing each previous week’s learning as I replace it.  I know some of you have got a little behind on topic or science – if this happens and you are keen for your child to catch up, the resources are available on Twinkl, which is currently offering resources free to parents and carers.


CBBC Newsround

If your child is ‘news hungry’ the children’s newspaper ‘First News’ is currently offering a free digital download, Which can be accessed here:

Please also continue to practise times tables daily using BBC Supermovers.

If you and/or your child are/is interested in history, you might enjoy the BBC ‘Homeschool History’ podcast: by Greg Jenner who is a historian and works on ‘Horrible Histories’.  Last week’s episode on Mary Queen of Scots was quite amusing.

I am still trying to learn a few Makaton signs.  I follow @makatonlucinda on Twitter and share this with the class each day.  If you didn’t see this week’s tweets she celebrated her birthday on Saturday.

I have loved seeing some of your pictures from #DrawWithRob sessions with @RobBiddulph – short videos by the children’s illustrator enabling us (and I do mean us – I’m joining in when I can) to produce great drawings of cartoon book characters.  New videos are available at 10 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Rob is attempting to gain a World Record for the Largest Online Art Class at 4 pm on Thursday May 21st.  If you’re interested, you can register to take part here:

For those of you who fancy a virtual tour of The British Museum, which is my favourite place in the world, you can do so here:

You can also take a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace here:

San Diego Zoo is offering a virtual trip out here:

If and when I find other ‘little gems’ I will share them with you here.

I hope to see you all soon, and hope you stay well.

Jacqui Sydney

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