Year 6

Joke of the day:

What do you say to comfort a teacher?

There, their, they’re

Dear Y6 parents, carers and children,

Welcome to the Year 6 online learning page! Here you will be able to find all information relevant to Doves class during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Every Monday, I will upload new 5-day plans for English and Maths, with a topic plan that covers other subjects from the Primary National Curriculum. These plans will be familiar, scaled-down versions of what we have been doing in class and will largely focus on National Curriculum expectations.

Our expectation is that children complete, as practical as is possible, one session of English and one session of Maths each day, with some topic work on top; topic work will include a selection of activities from the foundation subjects. Please continue to practise the statutory spellings, maybe in sets of 10 every week. If you wish, you could test them on these each Monday, like we do in class, before working through the new set for that week.

Don’t feel like you need to print everything in the plans – simply ask children to work on paper (or the exercise book they have brought home), writing as neatly and as clearly as they can (especially with calculations when it comes to maths). I would love to see how your children are getting on with this work – please email me with photos of your children’s learning using the Year 6 homework email address;  I can then tweet them to show everyone what you’ve been doing!

Welcome back after a very different Easter holiday!

Some changes for the weeks ahead:

We will be asking for a piece of Maths and a piece of English  work to be submitted (either scanned or clearly photographed) each week–this will be announced on the Topic Map as well as on the relevant planning pages. This is so that we can give next steps feedback, allowing your children to move forward and improve.

Plans for the week beginning Monday 18th May:


Maths:    Squared1-cm Squared2-cm Squared25-mm     

Y6 shapes knowledge organiser



Topic planning w.c.18.05.2020        Topic planning


Plans for the week beginning Monday 11th May:

This would have been SATs week so I have got a test for you to complete. It needs to be completed and returned to me by 4pm on Thursday 14th May. Please read through the whole test so you know what you have to do in the given time. You may attempt the test in any order— there are 11 papers in all to complete. For Paper 6, your parents are needed. Please ask them to email me when you are ready to do Paper 6 and I will send them the spelling test to read, just as we have practised.


I will post the answers on Friday for you to check.

There is also a short arithmetic and SPaG task to do every day.

Arithmetic and SPaG

I sent you or your parents an email with this week’s First News attached, but I am including it here in case you didn’t receive it. Please write a paragraph about a news item in it that you found interesting and why.

First News 08.05.2020

Topic planning


Plans for the week beginning Monday 4th May:

  • English–SPAG focus :

Monday            -subordinate-clauses

Tuesday           Ough spellings

Wednesday        Spot the mistakes

Thursday             using-brackets-for-extra-information-in-a-sentence

Log in to Reading Pro, then click on Reading Pro Library.  Click on ‘Books’ tab at the top. Make sure that “books in my lexile range” is checked (on the left hand side). Choose a book to read. If there is a quiz to go with it, please complete it. Repeat as often as you like.

  • Maths–2D shape revision

2d Shape place mats  (useful revision sheet)

 Monday        Properties of 2D shapes  (Powerpoint)

Tuesday         Reasoning about 2D shapes 1

 Wednesday     Reasoning about 2D shapes 2

  Thursday          square-numbers          Challenge (optional)          square-root

This week’s foundation subjects continue to be Science: Evolution and Inheritance; Spanish; and some work around V.E. Day 


Plans for the week beginning Monday 27th April:

(The Org ID is 42CR)

Then click on the Reading Pro link underneath your name. This will (should!) open up a selection of genres of book–you need to click the ones you are interested in, and then there is a short quiz to do.

  • Maths-geometry  Maths planning 27.04.2020
  • This week’s foundation subjects continue to be Science: Evolution and Inheritance; Spanish; and a final copy of report comments—a couple of paragraphs, ideally in a Word document, which I will copy and paste exactly as it is on to the school report
  • Summer week 2 topic map


Plans for the week beginning Tuesday 21st April:

This is the link for Reading Pro:

Please email me for your log-in details.


Plans for the week beginning Monday 23rd March:

  • English – letter writing and a non-chronological report based on the book ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar.
  • English plan–Holes

Week 1 Topic Map

Please send me photos of what you have been doing!

To flesh out the curriculum, here are some extra things that may be of interest:

  • These are certainly unusual, unprecedented times. It would be fantastic if you could keep a diary (in the form of a book, a blog, a video diary, whatever form you’d like) of your thoughts, activities, feelings etc at this time. You could include pictures, photos, anecdotes…You don’t have to share this with me (but I’d love to read it you want to share), but, in future years, it would be really interesting to look back on—this really is ‘history in the making’. Who knows? In years to come, your diary might be used as a primary evidence source in history lessons!
  • BBC Newsround will be a daily source of child-friendly news and information about things happening around the world. We often watch this in class, having lots of open and interesting discussions about these events. The three daily editions will be posted online at 9.15am, 12.10pm and 4pm.
  • Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, will be doing daily PE lessons for children on his YouTube channel, to encourage them to stay active as much as possible. These will start at 9am each morning. He already has a range of workouts for children to do at home, which are a great place to start!

For adding variety, some new additions: (all free)

Let me know what you think of these.    Maths      Maths    Science to do at home   Live Science every day    stories to download  English and writing    Story telling every day at 1100   live at 1100 every day. Ollie Tunmer ex-cast member of Stomp!

Take a virtual tour of a museum:

Live Music, PSHE and exercise lessons with Rock Kidz everyday at 14.00


Learn to draw with award winning, official World Book Day author/illustrator Rob Biddulph


Practise touch typing

Practise programming with Scratch  

If you find anymore websites or apps that you are enjoying using, please let me know so I can share them.

A reminder that the Year 6 homework email address will be active from Monday 23rd March. You are free to email me with any questions about anything here between 10-2 Monday to Friday; I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am looking forward to sharing your learning and hearing what else you might have been up to.

I wish you, your children and your families all the best during these troubling times. Enjoy the opportunity to learn, play and have fun together as a family. Please stay safe, stay home and I look forward to seeing you all again ‘on the other side’.

Mrs Stace


Week 2 w/c 30.03.2020— nearly the Easter holidays!

So, how was Week 1 of home schooling? Remember this is a 3 day week and then it’s the Easter holidays!

Please don’t feel you need to print everything in the plans – simply ask children to work on paper, on the computer (if appropriate), or in the exercise book they have brought home, writing as neatly and as clearly as they can (especially with calculations when it comes to maths). Keep a balance of word processed and handwritten work, if you are using a computer.

I have really enjoyed seeing the work you have all been sending me, but there is no expectation that you do this. If you are particularly proud of a piece of work, or want to share it with the class, I would love to see it. In the same way, if you want to send me an email, to ask anything or just to say ‘hi’, please do.

  • Email address:
  • Plans for the week beginning Monday 30th March (only 3 days!):  
  • Topic Map 
  • English – a non-chronological report about your own made-up animal. See Topic map.
  • Maths – finishing our unit on Ratio and Proportion.


  • Science –Colour spectrum. see topic map.

Science- Spectacular Spectrum

Make a colour wheel

  • PSHE– Healthy Me- poster. See topic map.
  • Art -Houses

Art lesson


Friedenreich Hundertwasser

Please send me photos of what you have been doing!  Here are some lovely pieces of work you shared last week:

Look at all the suggested sites which I updated last week—these are also on the main Doves page. There are lots of fun activities to do on there.

I know you will all be missing my jokes ;o) so I will post some of my favourites each week. Please feel free to send me your favourites too.

 Here’s one to start the week with:

Why don’t oysters donate to charity? Because they’re shellfish.

And finally, thank you Layla for this introducing  Barney,  the latest member of your family–just gorgeous:



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