Here is an overview of the school’s topic and theme planning for this academic year. Please be advised that individual class activities may change at a teacher’s discretion.

Whole school theme planning, 2019-20

For details about the content under each theme, please look on the individual class pages each term.

Our Curriculum

Our belief is that children learn best when they are engaged, motivated and enjoying their learning.  As a result, we provide our children with a broad, balanced curriculum through the delivery of the National Curriculum and Religious Education in Key Stages 1 and 2, which is rich in opportunities for new experiences, encounters and activities. To make learning as meaningful and as exciting as possible we deliver the Curriculum in a variety of ways. We use topics and themes where links are made between subjects to enrich and widen the experience and discrete subject teaching where we feel the subject matter or skills needed are best suited to this approach. We have regular whole school topics and theme days and we make regular visits out.

Reception children follow the Revised Foundation Stage Framework. Reading is taught using synthetic phonics (Letters and Sounds), a mix of reading schemes and real books as we want children to develop a love of reading. Use is made of the literacy and maths strategies where appropriate along with bespoke topics and themes planned by staff and the children.  The primary curriculum includes the core areas of learning and experience which are essential to the child’s development and which are defined within National Curriculum.  These are:

EnglishMaths, Science, Information and Communication Technology, Religious Education.  These are taught both discretely and in the context of the real world.

They will also study the following foundation subjects: History, Geography, Art, Music, Physical Education, Design Technology, Modern foreign language (French).

We also deliver Personal, Social, Health, Emotional education. This includes sex education appropriate to the ages of the children.

Broad areas of learning that take place across the school are:

  • The development of communication skills through literacy, that is, speaking, listening, writing, reading and information handling.
  • The development of mathematical skills and mastery of maths through numeracy, that is, number, shape and space, measures, investigation and data handling.
  • The development of environmental enquiry through history, geography and science.
  • The development of physical skills through gymnastics, games, and swimming.
  • The development of aesthetic and creative arts through music, art, design dance and drama.
  • The development of attitudes and values through citizenship, religious education and personal, social and health education issues.
  • The development of skills and attitudes which will help the children achieve economic well being in the future.

At Old Buckenham Primary, we are proud to be a school that embraces PSHE. This means we value the importance of social and emotional aspects of learning as an integral tool in our daily lives. We have recently invested in a PSHE scheme called JIGSAW. We learn about PSHE by having a different theme for the whole school each half-term, which is split into a different focus each week. The children then explore the JIGSAW focus, in their classrooms, in their assemblies and even in their playtimes.

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