This page informs visitors about our RE curriculum.

At Old Buckenham Primary School & Nursery we believe that RE can be effective, fun and engaging when we follow an enquiry approach, taking specific questions which allow and encourage thinking and questioning. We are currently working on developing our own RE curriculum, following the guidance issued by Norfolk SACRE. 

It is our belief that RE can play a huge role in supporting children to develop core British values of tolerance, empathy and respect. We aim to use a variety of approaches to explore ideas and concepts, to enable children of all ages and levels of development to tackle and enjoy RE in a thoughtful and meaningful way. We also believe that RE is an important subject which supports the children to be introduced to a diverse range of perspectives, beliefs and experiences. It is essential that children begin to explore different world views from a young age to enable them to take their place in the world as they grow. As part of RE, children are supported to debate and question, and to consider their own thoughts and values. Teaching staff ensure that all perspectives and ideas are valued and that discussions are respectful and considerate.

The new RE overview, currently being introduced across the school:

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