Penguin Class (Year 2)

Penguin Class – Year 2
Welcome to Penguin Class!

Class Teacher: Miss Sarah Moll    Teaching Assistant: Mrs Emma Sayer


A big thank you to all our families who helped make remote learning possible, well done everyone. Special Mention to our families!

Special Events / Dates

  • Day of Welcome 11th June
  • Day of Music 21st June – come dressed up in a music inspired outfit!
  • Sports Week week commencing 21st June (children should have their trainers all week)
  • Kwik Cricket festival 14th  July
  • Topic Home Learning due 16th  July

Last term the children planned and wrote wonderful ‘Pandemic Hero’ letters, I was so proud of the ideas and empathy they showed and I’m certain that any recipients of those letters were thrilled. The children chose to send letters to shop workers, parents, the NHS, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Care workers, and even Her Majesty the Queen!

UPDATE – The children received a wonderful letter back from the Gentle Folk Care Community Care group, and a gift of chocolate in reply to their letter, which they (and I) were delighted by.

Summer 2 Learning Focus

In Penguin Class we are working to embed and consolidate the key literacy and maths skills for Key Stage 1 ready for next year, to start the next stage of our learning confidently. We  continue to encourage investigation, fun, effort, discussion, mistakes and more across the curriculum, and to support the children to recognise, understand and develop their own learning and thinking skills. In Maths, we are initially learning to tell the time on an analogue clock to the nearest five minute interval. We will measure capacity, mass and volume, and then revisit key calculating concepts and strategies using all four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, supporting children to use more efficient methods, solve problems and explain their thinking. We are exploring the properties and uses of everyday materials in science, and having collected a selection of what some people might consider ‘rubbish’ during this topic we will reuse these in an art project, manipulating and changing them to create 3D models.  Any particularly interesting ‘junk’ is also welcome (with quarantine time)! In PSHE we are covering part of the RSHE, as explained in the class newsletter, and will be naming body parts in correct language and reflecting on the way our bodies and lives have changed and are changing. We are going to be reflective historians, deciding what makes someone a history maker, and who has had the most significant impact and why we think they were important. We are starting with a finding story in English, a version of Jon Klassen’s modern classic We Found A Hat. We are currently reading and enjoying Violet and the Mean and Rotten Pirates for pleasure and have more great books ready to share.


2020-21 Summer 2 Y2 Blocking 

2020-21 Summer 2 Y2 Medium Term Map

Thank you for all your support with the children’s learning, both at home and at school. I hope this will help:

  • Spelling checks are on Friday. If your child is struggling, initially focus on five words to help them become confident with the pattern.
  • Week 1 Spellings: 3B 1 Handwriting
  • Week 2 Spellings: 3B 2 Handwriting 
  • Week 3 Spellings: 3B 3 Handwriting 
  • Week 4 Spellings: 3B 4 Handwriting
  • Week 5 Spellings: 3B 5 Handwriting
  • Week 6 Spellings: 3B 6 Handwriting
  • Across the year we have been working to reliably use and spell the Key Stage 1 common exception words – these are words which are exceptions to spelling pattern or phonics rules that may come up in our writing. If your child is not yet confident with the year one list please give those words some extra time and attention. KS1 word list and phonemes
  • Please support your child to read at home each day, as well as taking time to enjoy reading a range of books for pleasure. A love of sharing books and stories will encourage children to develop their own skills and sharing a range of texts exposes them to interesting and exciting plots and language that they might struggle to read independently. Reading records are currently collected in and checked on Thursday, and will be returned on Monday. Returned reading books are quarantined before going back into our class library. We will try to ensure children have additional books as hey will be changed less frequently – please feel free to read other books to supplement this.
  • Go Read app details can be found here and on Teams: Go Read
  • Spelling Shed, Bug Club and Times Table Rock Stars Log in details are in your child’s reading record.
  • The Key Instant Recall Facts for this term are here – helping your child to internalise and learn these really supports their grasp and pace in all maths work:
  • KIRF Y2 Summer 1
  • KIRF Y2 Summer 2
  • The times tables we focus on are the 2, 10, 5 and 3 times tables.
  • Learning Tree and Sports are on Wednesday; PE is on Thursday, children should come ready for PE, with a school jumper/cardigan

Phonics Screening

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