Penguin Class (Year 2)

Penguin Class – Year 2
Welcome to Penguin Class!

Class Teacher: Miss Sarah Moll
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Michelle Canwell

Medium Term planning Summer 1 Year 2

We are now sending home and checking spellings on a Friday, and aiming to check reading records daily. Some of the children see reading and changing books or levels as something of a race, so we are working to overcome this idea and encourage them to see books as something to be enjoyed and understood a little more thoroughly. As part of this, we will be reading some chapter books as a class and using guided reading sessions to draw out comprehension skills.

We are excited about a new scheme, Power Maths, which has introduced several characters who model good mathematical mindsets, as well as making mistakes of their own. We are concentrating on numbers and place value and learning to show our thinking and present our work clearly. These skills will underpin our maths work going forwards.

Thank you for all your support with the children’s learning, both at home and at school.