Raven Class (Year 5)

Class Teacher: Mrs J. Sydney
Teaching Assistant: Miss A. McLeod
Welcome to Class 5.  Here, we strive to ensure that every member of our class develops the confidence and resilience to be willing to take risks and challenge themselves in their learning. It is important to us that children are not afraid to ‘have a go’, make choices for themselves and sometimes make mistakes. We want children to learn to value the mistakes they make and see them as part of their journey to success.
Our aim is for everyone to have fun and try their best with the help and support of one another.

A very warm welcome back from Miss McLeod and me after what has been a very strange six months for all of us. Please be assured that both of us will do all that we can to look after your child this year and ensure that they enjoy their time in school.

Apologies to those of you who did not see that I had requested a text map for the story.  The expectation in Year 5 is that your child will complete one for each text we learn and it will be stated here when it is due in.  Clearly, on this occasion, there was a breakdown in communication for which I apologise.

I have been asked to share a letter to you from Old Buckenham High School regarding transition, which you can read here: Letter to Year 5 & 6 Parents and Carers

Our new topic is ‘How do volcanoes affect the lives of people on Hiemaey?’, which will be mostly geography-based.  English will see us sharing our ‘Talk for Writing’ text of ‘The Wawel Dragon’ (a ‘Conquering the Monster story’) now that we have finished a week of poetry considering ‘Chocolate Cake’ by Michael Rosen.  Our text is here: Wawel Dragon Story and I would ask you to share this with your child and encourage them to show you the actions we create to help them learn it.

We are currently sharing Malamander by Thomas Taylor as our class read, which is proving extremely popular.

In maths we will be starting with looking at place value before moving onto addition and subtraction.

Our intended Curriculum for this term is here: Raven Class Autumn 1 2020 Curriculum Map

And our timetable is here: Autumn 1 subject planner Year 5

P.E. will be on Tuesdays and will be ‘athletics’ this half term – mostly running.  Your child needs to come dressed in their kit, please, which should be suitable for the weather as some days may now be damp/cooler and we will be outside as often as we are able.  In addition to shorts/skorts/jogging bottoms and a t-shirt, I would suggest that they bring a sweatshirt specifically for P.E., rather than wearing their school one – as it may get dirty.  Please note that for your child’s safety, they need trainers to wear outside – the wearing of plimsolls is not allowed.  Earrings are not allowed to be worn for PE and I suggest that you help your child to remove them before school if this is something with which they struggle.

Forest School will be on Thursday afternoons this half term.

Home Learning

Spellings will be added here on a Monday and tested the following Monday.  Further information on spellings for year 5 (and the rest of the National Curriculum) can be found at:  https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/national-curriculum In accordance with school policy, all members of the class will be learning spellings aimed specifically at Year 5, while revising spelling rules from previous years with which they are less confident in class.  As you are probably aware, spellings have been linked into handwriting previously, and I would encourage your child to practise their new spellings each week, in their best handwriting using this sheet.  Until your child has gained their ‘Year 5 pen licence’, pencil is preferred to pen – especially biros or felt tips as they often smudge or leak, which impacts on the appearance of your child’s writing.

Last week’s spellings are here: Year 5 spellings wb 21 September

Our current spellings are here: Year 5 spellings wb 28 September

We have tested your child on the Lower KS2 statutory spellings and have sent home a highlighted list of those your child has spelled correctly/needs to learn as soon as we are able.  Lists for both Lower and Upper KS2 are here to enable you to continue to practise these at home:



Times tables will also be tested in school, usually on a Thursday.  In order to improve your child’s speedy recall of both multiplication and division facts, please help them to practise their tables every day, in whichever way you and your child prefer.  For most of the class, I would suggest that you start with the 2 x table and then move on to 4, 5 and 10 x to build confidence.  The key instant recall maths facts for Year 5 are included here: KIRFs  and it is essential that they are practised regularly to support your child’s learning.

This week, I will be testing your child on the 10 x table.

This term, at home over the course of the next few weeks, I would like your child to complete an extended piece of work linked to our current topic to complement their learning in class.  They should choose one of the following, which we would ask you not to bring in please, but to send photos to us by Monday October 19th to show what they have achieved so that we can share and celebrate their learning in class:

  • Build a model of a volcano
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation, which they will deliver to the class, on Iceland, Volcanoes or Earthquakes
  • Cook something using fruit or other ingredients associated with the autumn, such as blackberries
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation or short video on Michael Rosen
  • Using a medium of your choice, create a piece of artwork of a monster from mythology, a book or film.

How can you continue to help?

  • Read regularly with your child asking them questions about what they are reading, the characters and their opinions then signing in the reading diary to confirm that they have read with you every dayReading diaries need to come on to be checked on a Thursday please, and will be sent back home on the following Monday.  Please also encourage your child to read a variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts.
  • Encourage your child to learn spellings, times tables and key instant recall maths facts.
  • Ensure your child comes in in their P.E. kit on a Tuesday. Kit should be appropriate to the activities being taught, which this term will be athletics (running).

Of course, should you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via the office.

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