Useful Links

Useful Websites

Please find below a list of useful website links for children to learn and have fun; and for parents to gain information.

We will try to ensure this list is kept up to date, please do let us know if any of our links are out of date. Similarly, if you know of a useful website please email us the address so we can share it with others.

Parents are advised that Old Buckenham Primary School takes no responsibilty for material outside of our own website.


– Excellent range of literacy games for Class R, 1 and 2. – Literacy Games for KS1 children based on the Oxford Reading Tree characters – Lovely and lively phonic blending game for KS1 – Online story books.The text appears along with graphics so you can read along with the stories. – A, B, C’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 when you have the Spellits on hand to help you, aimed at KS2 children. – The perfect website for every Roald Dahl fan! – A must for any Harry Potter addict! Make sure you visit the Marauder’s Map and get sorted into your house by the sorting hat!

Numeracy – Excellent range of numeracy games for Class R, 1 and 2. – A super website with games, animations, songs and ‘Print & Do’ activities for KS1 children – An excellent website which is updated with new games monthly aimed at KS1, KS2 and beyond. – Website based on the Murderous Maths Books, packed full of amazing maths games and tricks! (KS2) – A fantastic website full of games and activities for Year R to Year 6 and beyond! – Interactive maths games linked to the National Numeracy Strategy – How maths is used in chocolate making! (KS2)

Science – Interactive experiments and quizzes for Years 1-6. -This site aims to answer those simple science questions primary school children ask and also provides project ideas and experiments. – Make toys at home with common household materials that demonstrate fascinating scientific principles. – A million and one ways to make things, explore the world, and discover skills you never knew you had! – The official NASA website, perfect for all KS2 space enthusiasts! – Have fun with bones, electricity and solids & liquids in Pod’s mission! (Year Four)

Various subjects – The Little Animals Activity Centre has a wide range of activities for 4 to 8 year olds, including stories, maths and music games. – a series of interactive adventures and games on English, Maths and Science at KS1 and KS2. -The DynaMo website features a wide range of interactive, on-screen games to help children with literacy, numeracy, science and history aimed at children between 5 and 9.

History – This website, which has won many awards, covers four eras: Romans, Tudors, Victorians and World War Two. Children can become reporters on a series of virtual newspapers, interviewing real-life witnesses to historic events.  – The children’s area of The British Museum, take a tour, save pictures of your favourite objects, enter competitions and ask the experts questions. – A brilliant site packed with games and resources generated by the UK’s museum, gallery and heritage sector. – This website, aimed at upper primary pupils is dedicated to the memory of Anne Frank. – Guy Fawkes, Houses of Parliament and bonfire night, it’s all here! – Ever wondered who invented Barbie Dolls or how the yo-yo came about? This site explains all: toys and games, their inventors, and history timeline. – ‘What was life like in the Second World War?’ This question and many more can be answered here. – Learn all about the Tudors and even have a jousting tournament!

Geography – All about the Domesday Book which was commissioned in December 1085 by William the Conqueror and contains records of the settlements in England. – Play Amazon Explorer and find out all about the rainforest.

Art – Interactive adventure on art history in which you have to solve The Case of Grandpa’s Painting. – Find out all about how artists create their work and watch videos of artists in action! – Make your own Picasso style portrait.


Parents – Department for Education and Skills Website – A website providing links to over 13,000 schools in the UK. – OFSTED website

Fun and Games – Make your very own Mr Men and Little Miss! – Interested in playing football out of school? Visit the New Buckenham FC website!

Old Buckenham Village Links

EDP Old Buck page – EDP summary of Old Buckenham – Genealogy of Old Buckenham – Old Buckenham Village Newsletter – Old Buckenham airfield website – Local information for Banham, New Buckenham and Old Buckenham

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